Eco-Storage Ltd – Sheffield


Eco-Storage Ltd.
Kiveton Park Industrial Estate
Kiveton Park Station
Manor Road

S26 6PB

07973 189081


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Eco-Storage Ltd is a prominent self-storage facility located in Sheffield, UK. This eco-friendly storage company is situated in an easy-to-access location and offers a wide range of storage solutions to individuals and businesses.

The company’s facilities are designed to be environmentally friendly, using solar panels for energy, rainwater harvesting for cleaning and the use of non-toxic cleaning products. They believe that every bit helps to create a greener future.

Eco-Storage Ltd provides secure, clean, and affordable storage units to suit every need. Customers can choose from a range of unit sizes, from small lockers to large warehouse-style spaces, depending on their requirements.

All units are accessible 24/7 and have a sophisticated security system in place, ensuring that customers’ belongings are always safe and secure. Customers also benefit from the friendly and professional staff who are always available to assist them with their storage needs.

Eco-Storage Ltd takes pride in offering flexible storage solutions that meet every budget. Customers can also take advantage of the company’s free removal and collection service, where an expert team will collect their belongings and store them in the unit of their choice.

The company’s convenient location, eco-friendly facilities, and flexible storage solutions make Eco-Storage Ltd the perfect storage partner for individuals and businesses in Sheffield. Their commitment to delivering a superior service to their customers has earned them an excellent reputation in the industry.

In conclusion, Eco-Storage Ltd is the go-to storage facility in Sheffield for all your storage needs. With eco-friendly, secure, and affordable storage solutions, customers can be sure that their belongings are in good hands.

Good and bad things

Good Points:
– Eco-Storage Ltd is a reputed storage facility in Sheffield that is known for its eco-friendly and sustainable approach.
– The company provides a range of storage solutions, including self-storage units, container storage, warehouse storage, caravan storage, and more, catering to the diverse needs of its customers.
– The company’s facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems, such as CCTV surveillance and alarm systems, ensuring the safety and security of the stored items.
– The company offers flexible contracts, allowing customers to rent storage spaces for short or long-term periods, depending on their requirements.
– The company has a user-friendly website that allows customers to book their storage space online, track their payments, and manage their account from anywhere.
– The company provides excellent customer service, with trained and friendly staff available to answer any queries or concerns that customers may have.

Bad Points:
– Eco-Storage Ltd’s storage facilities are located on the outskirts of Sheffield and may not be easily accessible for customers without their transportation.
– The company’s storage rates may be slightly higher than other storage providers in the area, making it a less viable option for customers looking for cheaper storage solutions.
– The company’s storage units may not be ideal for storing large or bulky items, and customers may have to opt for container or warehouse storage solutions, leading to additional costs.
– The company’s storage space availability may be limited at times, leading to a waiting list or delayed allocation of storage units to customers.
– The company may not offer any transportation services to move the items to and from the storage facility, leading to additional costs for customers.


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