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Unit 1, Strafford Industrial Park
Gilroyd Lane

S75 3EJ



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Boylin’s Self Store is an efficient and reliable storage solution, aimed at easing the burden of self-storage on local communities. Established in 2006, it has since served thousands of satisfied customers in various locations, including Barnsley, Bradford, Leeds, Rotherham, Sheffield, Wakefield, and Swinton. Boylin’s commitment to providing excellent customer service, affordable pricing, and flexible storage options has made it a popular choice for individuals and businesses looking for reliable self-storage options.

The facility offers a wide range of self-storage units, all of which are clean, dry, and secure. Boylin’s team ensures that each unit is regularly cleaned and checked for any signs of damage or deterioration. The storage units come in various sizes, ranging from small lockers (for precious items or documents) to large, spacious units for businesses that require a lot of storage space. Customers have the option to choose between indoor or outdoor units, depending on their preferences and the kind of items they wish to store.

One of the standout features of Boylin’s Self Store is its state-of-the-art security system. The facility is equipped with CCTV cameras that monitor the premises 24/7, providing a secure environment for customers’ valuable possessions. The secure gated perimeter, access control systems, and high-quality locks ensure that only authorized individuals can access the storage units. This provides customers with confidence and peace of mind knowing their possessions are safe.

Boylin’s Self Store customers can also take advantage of its flexible storage options. Unlike other storage providers, customers can adjust the size of their unit at any time without any penalties or additional fees. This ensures they pay only for the space they need, thus saving them money. Additionally, Boylin’s offers short- and long-term contracts, making it a perfect solution for those who are uncertain about how long they will need the storage space.

In conclusion, Boylin’s Self Store is a reliable storage solution for anyone looking for additional space to store their belongings. The facility’s flexible storage options, state-of-the-art security, and excellent customer service make it an easy choice for individuals and businesses alike. If you’re interested in finding a safe, secure, and affordable storage solution, look no further than Boylin’s Self-Store.

Good and bad things

Boylin’s Self Store is a storage facility that provides secure and accessible storage space to customers of all kinds. It has both good points and bad points, which are listed below:

Good Points:

1. Security: Boylin’s Self Store provides high levels of security, with CCTV surveillance and secure fencing around the premises. Access is controlled through keypad access, and each customer has a unique code that is used to gain entry.

2. Location: Boylin’s Self Store is located in convenient locations making it easy for customers. It is in close proximity to motorways and main roads.

3. Varied Storage Units: Boylin’s Self Store offers a variety of storage options, including small lockers, medium, and large storage units. This makes it easy for customers to find the right size for their needs.

4. Flexibility: With Boylin’s Self Store, customers can choose to store their items for as little or as long as they want. There are no long-term commitments, and customers can choose to upgrade or downgrade their storage unit size as required.

5. Clean and well-maintained facilities: Boylin’s Self Store facilities are kept clean and well-maintained which is appreciated by customers.

Bad Points:

1. Limited Access Hours: Boylin’s Self Store has limited access hours. Customers can only access their storage unit during the facility’s opening times, which may not fit everyone’s schedules.

2. Extra Charges: Boylin’s Self Store charges additional fees for things like insurance, administration, and late payment. These additional costs can add up quickly.

3. No Climate Control: Boylin’s Self Store does not offer climate-controlled storage units. This can be a problem for customers who are storing items that are sensitive to temperature changes.

4. No refunds on unused time: Boylin’s Self Store does not provide refunds for any unused time on its units.

Overall, Boylin’s Self Store is a great option for those in need of storage space thanks to its secure location and affordable options. However, the limited access hours and extra fees can be a hindrance for some customers.


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