inStore AKS – Yeovil


Lynx Trading Estate
Gazelle Road

BA20 2PJ

01935 427093


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As a customer walking into the inStore AKS at Yeovil, you will be greeted with a vibrant and colorful store that is well organized and easy to navigate through. The store showcases a wide array of designer clothing, footwear, and accessories for men, women, and kids. Everything is displayed in a clean and contemporary style with plenty of space between the racks to allow shoppers to move around comfortably.

Walking through the store, you’ll immediately notice the vast selection of denim jeans, jackets and shirts offered by AKS. The brand emphasizes quality and durability, which can be seen in the attention to detail put into each piece of clothing. Whether you are looking for a pair of blue jeans, ripped jeans, or high waist jeans, the selection at AKS has you covered.

The store also has an excellent collection of t-shirts, sweaters, and jumpers for both sexes. Customers will not fail to notice the enormous range of brands that are available in the store. Brands such as Wrangler, Levi’s, Lee, and Vans are all available for shoppers to choose from, among others.

One of the exciting features of inStore AKS at Yeovil is the availability of a dedicated kids’ section. The section is well thought out, and customers can easily find clothing that fits their child’s age and taste. AKS ensures that children can enjoy the same standard of quality offered in the adult section.

The experience of shopping at inStore AKS at Yeovil is enhanced with customer service that is second to none. The staff warmly greets every customer that walks into the store and is always willing to help with any queries or concerns.

In conclusion, shopping at inStore AKS at Yeovil offers customers a fun and enjoyable experience. The store features a wide selection of quality clothes at affordable prices, from top-of-the-line brands that will ensure that you look fashionable and trendy. It is definitely worth a visit for anyone who is out shopping in Yeovil.

Good and bad things

Good points:
1. Conveniently located in the Yeovil town centre.
2. The store has a great range of stylish and affordable clothing.
3. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, providing excellent customer service.
4. The store is well organized, making it easy to find and navigate through different sections.
5. InStore AKS frequently updates their collection, giving customers a wide selection of new and trendy designs.
6. The store offers discounts and exclusive offers to frequent shoppers.
7. The online store is easy to use and offers a convenient home delivery service.
8. The store has ample parking space, making it easy for customers who prefer to drive.

Bad points:
1. The store can get too crowded during peak shopping times, making it difficult to navigate and browse through clothing racks.
2. In some sections, the store may have limited sizes available, making it challenging for people with different body types to find their correct size.
3. The store’s lighting could be improved, as some sections might be dimly lit, making it difficult to see colours and details.
4. Some customers complain about the quality of the clothing, with some items not lasting as long as expected.
5. The store does not have a dedicated section for accessories such as shoes and bags, making it challenging to find matching accessories for outfits.
6. In-store wardrobe may lack some of the latest men’s fashion trends, a bias towards female clothing.
7. Due to the store’s location in the town centre, there can be high levels of noise pollution, which may irritate some customers.


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