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Huxloe house
Telford way

NN16 8UN

01536 524582


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Kettering Storage Solutions is a storage facility located in Kettering, UK. The facility provides storage solutions to residents and businesses in and around the area. The facility is known for its high-quality services, affordable prices, and state-of-the-art security features.

The facility offers a wide range of storage options to its clients including personal storage, business storage, and student storage. The personal storage options include secure and safe storage units of various sizes. These units can be used for storing furniture, clothing, sports equipment, and other items. The business storage options include document storage, inventory storage, and equipment storage. These storage units are ideal for businesses that require additional space to store their goods or equipment. The student storage options offer a cost-effective way for students to store their belongings during the summer break or while studying abroad.

Kettering Storage Solutions boasts of some of the most advanced security features in the industry. The facility is equipped with closed-circuit television cameras (CCTV) that monitor and record all activities in the storage units. The facility is also equipped with electronic access control systems that only allow authorized access to the storage units. The security personnel at the facility conduct regular patrols to ensure that there are no security breaches.

The facility’s lobbies and corridors are well-lit, clean, and well-maintained. The facility also provides trolleys and carts to help clients move their items into the storage units.

Kettering Storage Solutions prides itself on offering its clients affordable prices for its services. The facility does not charge any hidden fees, and clients are only required to pay for the storage space they use. Clients who choose to rent a storage unit for a prolonged period can enjoy discounts on their rental fees.

In conclusion, Kettering Storage Solutions is an excellent choice for anyone seeking secure and affordable storage solutions. The storage facility’s state-of-the-art security features, clean, and well-maintained spaces, and affordable prices make it an ideal option for both personal and business storage needs.

Good and bad things

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Good points about Kettering Storage Solutions:

1. Wide range of storage options from small to large units, including climate-controlled units for sensitive or valuable items.

2. Flexible lease terms and payment options mean customers can choose how long they need the storage space and how they want to pay for it.

3. The facility is fully secured with 24/7 CCTV monitoring, gated access, and onsite management to provide peace of mind to customers.

4. Easy access to the facility with drive-up units, wide driveways, and loading docks making it easier to load and unload items.

5. Excellent customer service with knowledgeable staff and friendly assistance to help customers arrange and manage their storage needs.

6. Online reservation and payment options available for added convenience.

Bad points about Kettering Storage Solutions:

1. Lack of transparency in terms of pricing and fees – customers often complain about hidden charges or unexpected costs.

2. Some customers report issues with the cleanliness and maintenance of the facility, which can be a concern for those looking for a clean and hygienic storage environment.

3. Limited range of packing supplies available on site, which may make it challenging for customers to find the necessary items to properly store their belongings.

4. The location may not be convenient for some customers, particularly those who live outside Kettering or those who need to access their stored items frequently.

5. Some customers have reported issues with the billing process, including delays in payment processing or incorrect charges.

6. The facility may not be able to accommodate oversized or specialized items, which can be an issue for customers with unique storage needs.


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