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Telford Way
Telford Way Industrial Estate

NN16 8UN

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David Bletsoe Brown Ltd is a well-known company based in Kettering, a town located in Northamptonshire County in the east-midlands of England. The company specializes in the production of high-quality leather goods, including leather bags, briefcases, wallets, purses, and accessories.

The company was founded by David Bletsoe Brown in 2010. David is a highly skilled leather craftsman who has been working with leather for over 25 years. His passion for leatherworking led him to establish his own company, which is now known for its exceptional craftsmanship and quality.

Since its establishment, the company has gained the trust and loyalty of its customers in Kettering and beyond. Its products are renowned for their durability, elegance, and functionality, making them popular among professionals, students, and everyone who appreciates quality.

David Bletsoe Brown Ltd prides itself on using only the finest materials in the production of its products. The leather used in their products is carefully sourced from reputable suppliers, ensuring that it is of the highest quality. The company also employs skilled artisans who work with precision and care to create each product, ensuring that every piece is unique and of unparalleled quality.

In addition, David Bletsoe Brown Ltd offers a bespoke service. If you have a specific design or style in mind, the company can work with you to create a custom-made product that meets your exact specifications.

Overall, David Bletsoe Brown Ltd is a company that values quality and craftsmanship. Their products are synonymous with elegance and sophistication, and their commitment to customer satisfaction is unrivaled. If you’re looking for high-quality leather goods, look no further than David Bletsoe Brown Ltd in Kettering.

Good and bad things

Good Points:

1. Long-standing Reputation: David Bletsoe Brown Ltd is a well-established and reputable company with a history spanning over 70 years – this indicates high levels of quality and expertise.

2. High-Quality Products: The company offers a range of high-quality products for various industries such as aerospace, automotive, and oil & gas. The company’s products have been widely recognized for their quality and durability.

3. Experienced Staff: The company employs highly experienced and skilled staff who are dedicated to providing quality service to customers. The staff is knowledgeable and can provide expert advice to help customers make informed decisions.

4. Competitive Prices: Despite providing high-quality products, the company offers competitive prices that are in line with industry standards. These prices are quite affordable for customers, which makes them attractive for returning customers.

5. Excellent Customer Service: David Bletsoe Brown Ltd boasts excellent customer service, and they prioritize customers’ needs and satisfaction.

Bad Points:

1. Limited scope: The company mainly focuses on providing services in specific industries, which may limit its overall growth potential.

2. Limited geographic coverage: DBB Ltd only has branches in the UK, which may limit its customer reach, especially in other countries.

3. Limited range of products: Although the company offers high-quality products, the product range is relatively limited. This may not be enough to cater to the varied needs of customers.

4. Limited Marketing: DBB is not as well known as some similar companies in the market, which may limit their overall visibility.

5. Decor: Some customers have commented on the outdated d├ęcor of the company’s premises, which may give an impression of the company’s service quality.


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