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Easi-Store Lutterworth is a self-storage facility located in the town of Lutterworth in Leicestershire, England. The facility offers a wide range of storage solutions for people looking to store their belongings, documents or equipment safely and securely.

The facility is conveniently located on Magna Park, a large industrial estate located just off the M1 motorway. This makes it accessible from all parts of Lutterworth and the surrounding areas. The facility is also close to the Lutterworth town center, making it easy for customers to access their belongings whenever they need to.

Easi-Store Lutterworth offers a range of storage units in varying sizes to suit the different needs of its customers. The smallest unit measures 25 square feet, while the largest measures up to 200 square feet. The units are clean, dry, and secure, providing the perfect storage solution for both personal and commercial customers.

The facility is accessible 24/7, making it easy for customers to access their belongings whenever they need to. For added security, the facility is fitted with CCTV cameras that cover the entire site.

Easi-Store Lutterworth also offers a range of additional services to make the storage process as easy and stress-free as possible. Clients can purchase boxes, bubble wrap, and other packing materials from the facility, and a forklift truck is available on-site to help with loading and unloading.

In conclusion, Easi-Store Lutterworth is a great self-storage solution for both personal and commercial customers in the Lutterworth area. The facility offers flexible storage options in a convenient and secure location. With friendly and helpful staff and a range of additional services, Easi-Store Lutterworth is the perfect solution for anyone looking for reliable self-storage in Lutterworth.

Good and bad things

As an AI language model, I don’t have personal opinions, but I can provide you with some good and bad points of Easi-Store-Lutterworth.

Good points:

1. Convenient location: The facility is conveniently located in Lutterworth, making it easy to access for those living in the area.
2. Wide range of unit sizes: Easi-Store-Lutterworth offers a wide range of unit sizes to accommodate various storage needs, making it ideal for both personal and business storage.
3. Flexible leases: The storage facility offers flexible leases, which means customers can store their items for as long or as short as they need.
4. Secure: The storage units are secure, and the facility has advanced security measures such as CCTV, alarms, and perimeter fencing to ensure the safety of stored items.
5. Affordable rates: Easi-Store-Lutterworth offers competitive rates for their storage units, making it cost-effective for those who need storage space.

Bad points:

1. Limited access hours: The facility has limited access hours, which means customers can only access their items during certain hours of the day.
2. No climate control: Easi-Store-Lutterworth does not have climate-controlled storage units, which may not be suitable for storing items that are sensitive to temperature changes.
3. Limited parking: The facility has limited parking, which may be inconvenient for customers who need to load or unload their items.
4. No on-site staff: The storage facility does not have on-site staff, which may be a concern for customers who require immediate assistance.
5. No drive-up units: The facility does not offer drive-up storage units, which may make it difficult for customers to load and unload heavier items.


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