Ad Hoc Storage – Hinckley


Ad Hoc Storage Limited
Nuffield Road
Harrowbrook Industrial Estate

LE10 3DG

01455 622 407


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Ad hoc storage is a type of self-storage service that provides short-term or temporary storage facilities for individuals and businesses. These facilities are usually rented out on a month-to-month basis and offer flexible terms on the amount of storage required.

One of the most popular Ad hoc storage providers in Hinckley, Leicestershire is the Hinckley Self Storage. They offer modern and secure storage units, available in various sizes to cater for different customer needs. The facility also offers a range of additional services such as packing materials, transportation, and insurance, giving their customers peace of mind knowing that their belongings are safe and secure.

Hinckley Self Storage units are ideal for individuals who need a temporary storage solution during a house move, renovation, or decluttering process. They are also suitable for businesses who need additional space to store inventory, equipment, or files. This allows businesses to scale their storage needs according to their changing needs without incurring high overhead costs.

Ad hoc storage facilities are also convenient for individuals who need to temporarily store belongings that have outgrown their homes or apartments. These may include seasonal clothing, sports equipment, or personal memorabilia. By renting a storage unit, individuals can free up valuable space in their living areas while keeping their belongings in a secure and easily accessible location.

In summary, ad hoc storage services such as Hinckley Self Storage provide a flexible, affordable, and convenient storage solution for individuals and businesses in need of temporary storage facilities. They offer a range of benefits, including secure storage, flexible terms, and additional services, making them an ideal choice for anyone who needs extra storage space.

Good and bad things

Good Points:

1. Reliable and secure storage solutions to keep your items safe and secure

2. Flexible storage options to suit individual requirements, including long-term or short-term storage

3. Competitive pricing that allows customers to save money while availing of high-quality storage facilities

4. Convenient location that allows easy access to your belongings

5. Wide range of storage unit sizes that cater to various storage needs

6. Friendly and knowledgeable staff that support you throughout your storage journey

7. 24/7 security systems to ensure that your belongings are safe at all times

Bad Points:

1. Limited access to the storage units, with restricted hours

2. No on-site staff available during off-hours or weekends, which could be an issue in case of any emergency

3. No climate-controlled storage units available for temperature-sensitive items

4. Limited availability of covered loading and unloading areas, which can be difficult during bad weather conditions

5. No insurance coverage available for stored items, which may be a concern for some customers.

Overall, Ad Hoc Storage – Hinckley provides reliable, secure, and flexible storage solutions. However, some customers may find limitations in terms of access, climate control, insurance coverage, and loading and unloading areas.


  1. trevor gibson says:

    i need storage for 2 bedroom bugalow a.s.a.p ongoin

  2. Irene says:

    I need storage space for a 2 bed flat. Will need to store about 17th Oct for at least 4 months. Will you give me a quote please. Thanks Irene

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