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W McMullin & Sons is a well-known name in the Plymouth area, thanks to their reputation as a top-tier funeral home. The business has been serving the local community for over 140 years, and their commitment to quality service and professionalism has made them a trusted institution in the region.

The company was founded by William McMullin in 1877, and it has passed down through several generations of the family ever since. Today, W McMullin & Sons is run by Tony McMullin, who is the great-grandson of the founder.

Over the years, W McMullin & Sons has built up an impressive reputation for their ability to provide a compassionate and caring service to bereaved families. They have a team of highly experienced funeral directors who are able to handle everything from simple, intimate funerals to more elaborate affairs.

One of the things that sets W McMullin & Sons apart from other funeral homes is their attention to detail. They understand that every family is different, and they take the time to understand the needs and wishes of each individual. This allows them to create a truly bespoke service that honours the memory of the deceased in the most fitting way possible.

In addition to providing traditional funeral services, W McMullin & Sons also offer a range of alternative options, such as green funerals, which are designed to have a minimal impact on the environment.

The company has a beautiful funeral home, which is located on St Budeaux Square in Plymouth. The premises is tastefully decorated and creates a calm and welcoming atmosphere for visitors.

Overall, W McMullin & Sons is a highly respected and well-regarded funeral home that has a long-standing history of providing excellent service to the local community. Whether you are looking for a traditional or alternative funeral, you can trust them to take care of everything with compassion and professionalism.

Good and bad things

Good points:
1. Established reputation: With over 150 years in the industry, W McMullin & Sons has established a reputation for delivering reliable and high-quality services to residents and businesses in Plymouth.
2. Wide range of services: The company offers a wide range of services, including removals, storage, and shipping services.
3. Experienced team: The team at W McMullin & Sons is experienced in all aspects of moving, packing, and loading, making them competent in handling all kinds of items for clients.
4. Competitive rates: The company offers competitive rates, allowing clients to access professional and efficient services at an affordable price.
5. Professionalism: The team at W McMullin & Sons is highly professional, treating clients with courtesy and respect while delivering services of the highest quality.

Bad points:
1. No online booking system: The company does not have an online booking system, which can be inconvenient for clients who prefer to book their services online.
2. Limited coverage: W McMullin & Sons only serves the Plymouth area, which may restrict its reach to clients who live outside the city.
3. Limited storage options: The company’s storage options are limited, which can be a drawback for clients who require more extensive and flexible storage solutions.
4. No instant quotes: The absence of instant quotes can be an inconvenience for clients who want to get an idea of the cost of services before committing to them.
5. Limited communication channels: The company does not have sufficient communication channels to connect clients with customer service, which can be problematic when clients need to make queries or express concerns.


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