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Taurus Van Hire
3-5 Market Road


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Taurus Van Hire is a renowned company situated in Plymouth, a city located in the south-western part of England. The company has built a stellar reputation for providing quality van rental services, car hire facilities, and other transportation solutions to its customers at affordable rates.

The company offers a diverse range of van rental services suitable for various purposes, such as moving house, transporting bulky goods, and trade requirements. There are various van sizes and models available for hire, including short wheelbase vans, long wheelbase vans, and Luton box vans. Customers can choose the van size depending on their specific needs, and the company provides flexible rental options from hourly to daily and weekly rates.

The team at Taurus Van Hire consists of experienced professionals who work hard to ensure that their customers receive the best service possible. They pride themselves on their personalized approach to each client’s individual requirements, and they go above and beyond to provide reliable and efficient services.

Moreover, the company’s website makes the online booking process convenient and straightforward. Customers can effortlessly browse through different van models, input their desired rental duration and location, and receive an instant quote. The company provides an easy-to-use navigation system that allows customers to book their desired van with ease.

Taurus Van Hire has received commendable reviews from its customers, with many praising their top-notch services, affordable rates, and polite staff. The company has established itself as the go-to van hire and car rental service provider in Plymouth, and for good reasons. They offer unbeatable services and go the extra mile to ensure their clients’ satisfaction.

In conclusion, if you are looking for reliable, efficient, and affordable van hire services in Plymouth, then Taurus Van Hire is the company for you. Their commitment to customer satisfaction, quality rental vans, and flexible rental options will ensure you have a stress-free experience.

Good and bad things

Taurus Van Hire is a popular company in Plymouth that provides efficient and flexible van hire services to customers. Here are some good and bad points about the company:

Good Points:

1. Wide-range of Vehicles: The Taurus Van Hire offers a diverse fleet of vehicles, including small, medium, and large-sized vans, mini buses, and people carriers, to fulfill various customer needs.

2. Affordable Prices: The company provides competitive rates and various rental options, including daily and weekly rentals, long-term contracts, and bespoke packages based on customer requirements.

3. Convenient Locations: Taurus Van Hire has multiple branches located in strategic locations, making it easy for customers to collect and drop off their hired vehicles.

4. Online Booking System: The company’s online booking system is user-friendly, allowing customers to reserve their vans effortlessly, without any hassle.

5. Customer Support: Taurus Van Hire provides excellent customer support and quick response time to any queries and concerns.

Bad Points:

1. Limited Accessibility: The company has a limited collection of luxury vehicles and car models for customers looking for high-end rentals.

2. Strict Guidelines: Taurus Van Hire enforces strict policies and guidelines, which, at times, can be confusing for customers, leading to cancellation fees and inconvenience.

3. Additional Costs: Sometimes, the company may add hidden costs to their final price, which can be frustrating for customers who are trying to stay within a specific budget.

4. Unavailability of Vehicles: During peak times or busy seasons, there may be a scarcity of available vehicles, which can be a problem for customers trying to book last-minute rentals.

5. Limited Opening Hours: Taurus Van Hire operates during business hours and may be closed on weekends or bank holidays, which may not be flexible for some customers.

Overall, Taurus Van Hire is a decent company that offers reliable and efficient van hire services to its customers. However, customers should be aware of some of the negatives and limitations when using their services.


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