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62 Portman Road

RG30 1EA

08452 798 435


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Access Self Storage is a well-known name in the self-storage industry, offering flexible and secure storage solutions to customers in Reading and other parts of the UK. The company has been in operations for over 20 years, and has established itself as a reliable and trustworthy storage provider, catering to both personal and business storage needs.

Access Self Storage – Reading is located on Elgar Road and is easily accessible from various parts of the city. The facility boasts a range of storage units, ranging from small lockers to large units that can accommodate furniture, equipment, and other bulky items. Customers have the option to rent the units on a short-term or long-term basis, depending on their requirement. The units are clean, dry, and secure, ensuring that stored items remain in pristine condition.

One of the key advantages of using Access Self Storage – Reading is the high level of security provided at the facility. The premises are monitored by CCTV cameras at all times, and access is restricted to authorized individuals only. Customers can have peace of mind that their belongings are safe and secure. Additionally, the facility offers a range of additional services, such as packing materials, removal services, and mailbox services, which make it a one-stop shop for all storage needs.

The staff at Access Self Storage – Reading are well-trained and friendly, and are always willing to assist customers with any queries or concerns. They also provide expert advice on the most suitable storage options, based on individual requirements and budget.

In conclusion, Access Self Storage – Reading is a top-notch storage solution for anyone looking for secure storage options in Reading. With its range of storage units, high level of security, and additional services, the facility is one of the most popular, and trusted storage providers in the area. Whether you’re looking to store personal belongings or business inventory, Access Self Storage – Reading is the perfect solution for all your storage needs.

Good and bad things

Access Self Storage is a popular storage company in Reading, offering various storage solutions to its customers. Below are some good and bad points of Access Self Storage Reading:

Good Points:
1. Wide Range of Storage Options: Access Self Storage Reading offers a range of storage options to choose from, including personal storage, business storage, and student storage. Customers can select the option that best suits their needs.

2. Flexible Contract Terms: Access Self Storage Reading provides flexible contract terms, allowing customers to rent space for as little as seven days or as long as several months.

3. Convenient Location: The storage facility is located in a convenient area of Reading, making it easily accessible for customers who may need to visit their storage units frequently.

4. High-Level Security: Access Self Storage Reading is equipped with CCTV cameras, alarms, and access control systems, ensuring maximum security for stored items.

5. Friendly Staff Members: The staff members at Access Self Storage Reading are friendly and helpful, providing exceptional customer service to their clients.

Bad Points:
1. High Prices: Access Self Storage Reading’s storage solutions are relatively expensive compared to other storage companies in the area, which may not be suitable for customers on a tight budget.

2. Limited Availability: There are times when securing a storage unit at Access Self Storage Reading can be difficult due to the limited availability of units.

3. Limited Access Hours: The storage facility’s access hours may not be convenient for all customers. Some may find the hours limiting, especially for those who may require access outside of normal business hours.

4. Limited Climate Control: Access Self Storage Reading offers limited climate control options which may not be ideal for customers needing to store sensitive items.

5. Hidden Fees: Some customers have reported instances of hidden fees and charges, which can be quite frustrating to deal with. It’s important to read the contract thoroughly to avoid any surprises.

Overall, Access Self Storage Reading is a reliable storage company offering a range of storage options with high-level security, helpful staff, and flexible terms, albeit at a slightly higher cost.


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