U Store Sandhurst Self Storage – Sandhurst


Unit 3
Vulcan Way

GU47 9DB

01252 877 777


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U Store Sandhurst Self Storage is a leading provider of storage facilities in Sandhurst, a residential town located in East Berkshire, England. The company provides a range of self-storage solutions to individuals, households, and small businesses in the Sandhurst area.

One of the unique features of U Store Sandhurst is the flexibility that it offers its users. The company provides a range of storage unit sizes, which can be rented on a short term or long term basis depending on the need of the user. This allows users to only pay for the storage that they actually require, which can help them save money in the long run.

The security of the facility is also a significant selling point for U Store Sandhurst. The entire facility is fully fenced, and the units are individually locked. The facility is also equipped with CCTV cameras and a state-of-the-art security system, which provides 24/7 monitoring of the premises. This eases the tensions of the customers, assuring their safety and security.

In addition to storage facilities, U Store Sandhurst also provides a range of services to help its customers with their storage needs. These include packing materials, transportation services, and even occasional access or permission to the unit. The company has well-trained staff who can offer expert advice on the best storage solutions based on the customer’s specific needs.

U Store Sandhurst Self Storage is conveniently located off the A30, making it easily accessible to Sandhurst residents and businesses. Overall, U Store Sandhurst Self Storage is an excellent choice for anyone looking for flexible, safe, and cost-effective storage solutions in the Sandhurst area.

Good and bad things

U Store Sandhurst Self Storage is a storage facility located in Sandhurst, England. It offers a variety of options to store your belongings securely. Here are the good and bad points of U Store Sandhurst Self Storage.

Good points:

1. Security: U Store Sandhurst Self Storage has CCTV surveillance and a state-of-the-art security system that ensures your belongings are safe and secure.

2. Easy accessibility: The facility is located just off the main road, making it easy for customers to access their storage units.

3. Climate-controlled units: U Store Sandhurst Self Storage offers climate-controlled units that regulate the temperature and humidity levels to protect your belongings from damage caused by extreme temperature changes.

4. Wide range of storage options: The facility provides various sizes of storage units to accommodate different storage needs.

5. Free parking: The facility provides ample parking space for customers, with no extra charge.

Bad points:

1. Limited access: The facility is open only during specific hours, limiting the time customers can access their storage units.

2. Expensive: Some customers may find the pricing of the facility high compared to other storage facilities in the area.

3. No 24-hour access: U Store Sandhurst Self Storage does not provide 24-hour access to the storage units, which might be inconvenient for some customers who require frequent access to their belongings.

4. No drive-up units: The facility does not provide drive-up access to the storage units, which means customers have to carry their belongings from the parking lot to the storage units.

5. Lengthy contract: Customers must sign a lengthy contract to rent a storage unit, which can be a disadvantage for those who require short-term storage solutions.

Overall, U Store Sandhurst Self Storage is a secure facility that provides a wide range of storage options. However, some of its policies and limitations may make it less suitable for some customers.


  1. Mark says:

    Couldn’t even get a quote from this place. Emailed twice with no response, so called them. Spoke to someone who couldn’t give me a quote either (all I wanted was something about half the size of a garage) so I was told I’d get a call back. Got no call back either so sacked them off

  2. Steve Adams says:

    I’ve been storing with UStore for about 2 years and I must say I have nothing but praise. The owner, Michael Gray, is really down to earth and easy to talk to and, most importantly he makes things happen. At one stage I needed to downgrade the size of my container and this was done with a quick phonecall. Later I upgraded again and this was just as easy.

    UStore gets a 100% score from me.

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