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Tom Johnston Road


01382 736 762


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Keepsafe Storage Centres in Dundee – Claypotts is one of the most sought-after storage facilities in the area. Located at Tom Johnston Road, this facility is easy to access and offers a range of storage solutions to suit your specific needs.

The Dundee – Claypotts facility boasts a range of storage units, including personal, business and student storage solutions. The personal storage units are perfect for those who need extra space for their belongings, whether it be for seasonal items, furniture, or other household goods. Business storage offers a secure and safe space to store important documents and equipment, and the student storage units are perfect for students who need a place to store their belongings during the holidays or while studying abroad.

The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art security measures including 24-hour video surveillance, secure gates and locks, and an alarm system. Additionally, the on-site staff are friendly and knowledgeable and are always on hand to assist with any queries or concerns.

One of the standout features of Keepsafe Storage Centres is the flexible rental agreements that are available. Whether you need a storage space for a few weeks or several months, the facility offers short-term and long-term leasing options to suit your requirements. Furthermore, customers can access their storage units 24/7, making it convenient for those who need access outside of regular business hours.

Overall, Keepsafe Storage Centres – Dundee – Claypotts is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a safe and secure storage facility in the Dundee area. The range of storage solutions, flexible rental agreements, and top-notch security measures make it a popular choice for both personal and business storage needs.

Good and bad things

Keepsafe Storage Centres in Dundee (Claypotts) is a popular self-storage facility for customers looking for extra space to store their belongings. Here are some of the good and bad points of this storage centre:

Good points:
1. Multiple storage unit sizes: Keepsafe Storage Centres in Dundee offer customers a range of storage unit sizes, from small lockers to rooms large enough to store furniture and appliances. This ensures that customers only pay for the storage space they require.
2. 24/7 access: Customers can access their storage unit whenever they want, as the storage centre is open 24/7. This means that customers can retrieve items or add new items to their unit at any time.
3. High-security systems: Keepsafe Storage Centres in Dundee have extensive security systems in place to ensure the safety of customers’ belongings. CCTV cameras, alarms, and locked units all contribute to the high level of security at the facility.
4. Convenient location: Located in the Claypotts retail park, Keepsafe Storage Centres is easily accessible and convenient for residents of Dundee and the surrounding areas.
5. Helpful staff: Customers appreciate the friendly and knowledgeable staff members who assist with the storage process, from choosing the right size unit to answering questions about billing and access.

Bad points:
1. Limited parking: There is limited parking available outside the storage centre, which may be inconvenient for customers who bring their own transportation.
2. Extra charges: Customers may be charged extra fees if they need additional services, such as insurance or a lock for their unit.
3. Temperature control: The storage units are not temperature controlled, which may be a concern for customers looking to store fragile or delicate items.
4. No Wi-Fi: The facility does not offer Wi-Fi access, which may be a drawback for customers who require internet access while they are at the storage centre.
5. No on-site facilities: Keepsafe Storage Centres in Dundee do not have on-site facilities, such as a restroom or a break room.


  1. Ian says:


    Do you do anything for car storage or parking spaces?

  2. Keith says:

    We can do a small unit for £55 PCM that would be suit your needs.

  3. James says:

    Ive got an aprilia moped and need a lock up. Much are you a month. X

  4. anne Jones says:

    I have used Keepsafe at Claypotts and found the service first class with excellent staff

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