Big Yellow Self Storage – Dundee (Armadillo)


30 Loons Road


01382 642 888


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Big Yellow Self Storage – Dundee or famously known as Armadillo is a popular self-storage facility located in the heart of Dundee, Scotland. Big Yellow offers a wide range of storage solutions for both individuals and businesses in Dundee and nearby areas. This storage facility comprises of over 600 storage units and offers some of the most secure, convenient and affordable storage solutions in the area.

One of the biggest advantages of choosing Big Yellow Self Storage – Dundee is the location. The facility is conveniently located at 65 East Dock Street, which makes it easily accessible from all corners of the city. Whether you are a student, a homeowner, or a business owner, you can rely on Big Yellow Armadillo to provide you with the ideal storage solution to suit your needs.

The storage units at Big Yellow Self Storage – Dundee come in various sizes to cater to different requirements. From small lockers to spacious drives up units, there is a unit for every requirement. The facility also offers climate-controlled units, which are ideal for storing sensitive items such as artwork, furniture, and electronics.

When it comes to security, Big Yellow Armadillo is at the forefront. The facility has state-of-the-art security systems, which include 24-hour CCTV surveillance, intruder alarms, and secure access control systems. Customers are provided with their own access key and can access their storage units seven days a week, from 6 am to 10 pm.

In addition to storage solutions, Big Yellow Self Storage – Dundee also offers a range of packaging and moving supplies, including boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, and more. This means that customers can purchase everything they need for packing and moving under one roof, making the process stress-free and more convenient.

Overall, with excellent facilities, top-notch security, and a convenient location, Big Yellow Self Storage – Dundee (Armadillo) is hard to beat when it comes to storage solutions in the Dundee area.

Good and bad things

Good points:

1. Located conveniently in the city centre of Dundee, with easy access to major transportation links.
2. Offers a wide variety of units in different sizes and at affordable rates.
3. Provides state-of-the-art security facilities such as 24-hour CCTV surveillance, alarmed units, and secure locks to ensure the safety of stored items.
4. Provides free parking facilities for their customers for a hassle-free storage experience.
5. Offers a wide range of packaging materials at competitive prices, such as boxes, tapes, and bubble wrap for protecting your belongings.

Bad points:

1. Limited access to the facility during weekends and public holidays might be inconvenient for some customers.
2. Overcrowding in the facility during peak seasons might lead to difficulty in accessing the unit or the facility.
3. The limited availability of temperature-controlled units might not be suitable for storing sensitive items.
4. Late payment fees and mandatory insurance policies might add extra costs to the rental fee.
5. The lack of personalized assistance and support to customers might not cater well to those who need more guidance throughout the process.


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