Admiral’s Yard Self Storage – Kirkstall


Low Road,

LS10 1AE

0113 2772431


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Admiral’s Yard Self Storage, located in Kirkstall, is a leading self-storage facility serving customers in the local area. The facility offers a comprehensive range of storage solutions for both short-term and long-term needs.

The facility has a range of storage units available, with sizes that vary from smaller lockers to larger units that can accommodate furniture and household items. Each unit is clean, dry, secure, and accessible 24/7, making it easy for customers to access their belongings at any time.

One of the key features of Admiral’s Yard Self Storage is its commitment to security. The facility is fully secured with CCTV cameras and monitored alarms, ensuring the safety and security of customer belongings. The facility also has a secure perimeter fence, coded entry, and exit systems to provide additional peace of mind to customers.

The storage solutions offered by Admiral’s Yard Self Storage are not limited to personal storage. The facility also offers storage options for businesses looking to store stock, equipment, or archive documents. The storage units are particularly useful for businesses that need extra space intermittently or that are experiencing a transition period.

The staff at Admiral’s Yard Self Storage are professional and experienced, providing excellent customer service to ensure that customers have a hassle-free storage experience. They are on hand to offer advice on which storage solution is best suited to individual needs and to help with any questions or concerns.

Overall, Admiral’s Yard Self Storage is a reliable and supportive provider of self-storage solutions in the Kirkstall area. With its professional staff, quality facilities, and its commitment to security, it’s easy to see why the facility is a popular choice among local customers.

Good and bad things

Good points:
1. Convenient location: Admiral’s Yard Self Storage is located in Kirkstall, which is easily accessible from major roads and highways.
2. Well-maintained facility: The storage units are clean and well-maintained with good security arrangements to keep belongings safe.
3. Climate-controlled units: The storage facility has climate-controlled units, which help in protecting delicate and sensitive items.
4. Flexible rental options: One can rent a storage unit for as little as a week or for as long as a year, making it adaptable to one’s needs.
5. Friendly staff: The staff is cooperative and polite, always ready to answer any questions or concerns.

Bad points:
1. Limited access hours: The access hours are limited, and one may not be able to access their belongings when required.
2. Limited space availability: The storage space may not be enough for those with a lot of items to store.
3. Price: The prices are higher compared to some other self-storage options, making it harder for those on a tight budget to afford.
4. Lack of parking: The parking space outside the facility can be scarce, making it difficult to load and unload belongings.
5. Insurance requirement: The storage facility requires renters to acquire insurance, which adds to the cost of storing belongings.


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