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is a secure online file-sharing tool developed by The New Yorker magazine and The Intercept. It allows users to anonymously send documents and other files to journalists and news organizations, without fear of being identified.

Strongbox was created in response to the increasing number of whistleblowers and leakers who wanted to share sensitive information with journalists, but were afraid of being prosecuted or retaliated against. The tool uses the Tor network to encrypt and anonymize all communications between the sender and the recipient, making it virtually impossible to trace the source of any files.

To use Strongbox, users simply access the website and upload their files, along with a securely generated code name, which can later be used to check for responses or inquiries from the recipient. The files are then held in an encrypted vault until the recipient retrieves them. Once the recipient has accessed the files, they are immediately deleted from the Strongbox server, ensuring that no records are kept.

Strongbox has been widely praised by journalists and privacy advocates for its simplicity and robust security features. It has been used to share a wide range of documents, from sensitive government files to leaked corporate documents, and has helped expose numerous instances of corruption, injustice and wrongdoing.

Overall, Strongbox is a crucial tool for protecting the confidentiality and safety of whistleblowers and sources, while ensuring that important information can be shared and investigated by journalists and other organizations.

Good and bad things

Strongbox is a virtual safe that allows users to store sensitive information securely. Like any platform, it has its good and bad points. Here’s a list of both:

Good Points:

1. Security: Strongbox provides end-to-end encryption and multi-factor authentication, which make it extremely difficult for outsiders to gain access to your information.

2. User-friendly interface: The platform’s simple interface makes it easy to use, even for people who aren’t tech-savvy.

3. Convenient access: You can access your Strongbox account from any device with internet access, and quickly search for specific information, regardless of when or where you stored it.

4. Automatic backups: Strongbox automatically creates backups of your information in case of any technical error. This ensures that you never lose your valuable data.

5. Collaboration: Users can share their Strongbox account with others, which is ideal for family members, business partners, or teammates working on a project.

Bad Points:

1. Limited storage: The amount of storage Strongbox provides is limited, meaning that you will need to delete old files and clear space to make way for new ones.

2. Dependent on the internet: Since Strongbox is an online platform, users are dependent on the internet to access their information. If the internet is down or the server is slow, it can be frustrating to access information or save new data.

3. Premium membership: Though Strongbox offers a free membership, there are several features that are only available with a premium membership, such as additional storage or extra features like file versioning.

4. Limited Compatibility: Strongbox is only compatible with some devices and operating systems, so you may not be able to use it on all devices.

5. Limited customer support: Customer support is only available via email or through the FAQ on the website. If you need immediate assistance or a problem arises, you may not be able to get it resolved quickly.


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