Shipyard Self Storage – Littlehampton


Rope Walk

BN17 5DG

01329 287100


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Shipyard Self Storage is a state-of-the-art storage facility located in the picturesque town of Littlehampton, nestled along the English Channel coast in West Sussex. The facility offers safe and secure storage options for both personal and business use, with a range of flexible unit sizes to suit individual needs.

The storage units at Shipyard Self Storage are clean, dry and climate-controlled to ensure the contents remain in excellent condition. The facility offers 24/7 surveillance and security, with access control systems in place to ensure that only authorized personnel can enter. Customers can rest assured that their belongings are in safe hands.

The storage solutions offered by Shipyard Self Storage give customers the flexibility to choose the storage space that is best suited to their needs. The units range in size from small lockers to large rooms, making it easy for customers to store everything from a few boxes to entire households or business inventories.

Shipping and receiving services are also available on-site, making it easy for businesses to manage their inventory and logistics. The facility’s staff are trained to handle all types of shipments, and can accommodate deliveries of any size.

Conveniently located in the heart of Littlehampton, Shipyard Self Storage is easily accessible by car or public transport. The facility offers ample parking and loading bays, making it easy to load and unload belongings.

In conclusion, Shipyard Self Storage is a modern and secure storage facility that offers flexible and affordable storage options for businesses and individuals alike. With its excellent location and range of storage solutions, this facility is the ideal choice for anyone in need of safe, reliable storage in Littlehampton.

Good and bad things

Good points:
1. The location of the Shipyard Self Storage in Littlehampton is convenient for those who live in the area, as well as those who need storage space for their business.
2. The facility has a variety of storage unit sizes to meet different needs, from small lockers to larger containers.
3. The units are clean, and the facility is well-maintained, making it a safe and secure place to store belongings.
4. The staff is friendly and helpful, providing excellent customer service, answering questions, and providing advice on which unit size will be best for the customer.

Bad points:
1. The cost of renting a storage unit may be higher than other storage facilities in the area, making it less affordable for some customers.
2. The facility may have limited availability during busy periods, making it difficult to reserve a unit during peak times.
3. Access to the units is restricted to certain hours, which may not be convenient for those who need to retrieve their belongings outside of regular business hours.
4. The facility does not offer climate-controlled units, which may put sensitive or valuable items at risk of damage in extreme temperatures.


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