The Green Container Storage Company – Birmingham


Upper Trinity Street
West Midlands

B9 4EG

07917 148161


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The Green Container Storage Company is a leading storage and logistics firm based in Birmingham. Established in 2005, the company specializes in providing top-notch storage services to individuals and businesses alike. Over the years, it has cemented its position as one of the most reliable and trusted storage providers in the region.

One of the things that set The Green Container Storage Company apart from its competitors is the quality of its facilities. The company boasts state-of-the-art warehouses and storage units that are designed to keep items safe, secure, and well-preserved. Whether you are looking to store personal belongings, furniture, or commercial equipment, the company has a range of options that meet your unique requirements.

One of the most significant strengths of the Green Container Storage Company is its team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals. The staff is not only knowledgeable and experienced but also friendly, helpful, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure customers’ satisfaction. From initial inquiry to actual storage, they handle every stage of the process with efficiency and professionalism.

The Green Container Storage Company has also invested significantly in technology to offer excellent services to its customers. The firm’s online portal provides customers with real-time access to their storage units, enabling them to manage their inventory, pay bills, and make bookings seamlessly. This feature speaks to the company’s commitment to enhancing customer convenience and satisfaction.

Overall, The Green Container Storage Company is a top-notch storage provider that offers comprehensive, reliable, and customer-centric services in Birmingham. Whether you are looking for short or long-term storage solutions, the company has you covered. Its dedication to excellence, state-of-the-art facilities, and exceptional customer service make it the go-to storage partner in the region.

Good and bad things

Good Points:

1. Location: The Green Container Storage Company is located in Birmingham, which is a convenient location for customers in the Midlands region.

2. Affordable prices: The company offers affordable prices for their storage containers, which makes it an attractive option for customers on a budget.

3. Secure storage: The company provides secure storage, with CCTV cameras and high-security locks, giving customers peace of mind that their possessions are safe and protected.

4. Flexible contracts: The Green Container Storage Company offers flexible contract terms, allowing customers to rent storage containers for as long or short a period as needed.

5. Wide range of storage sizes: With a variety of storage container sizes, customers can choose the size they need to store their belongings.

Bad Points:

1. Limited access: The access to the storage containers is limited to the company’s operating hours, which could be inconvenient for some customers.

2. No climate-controlled storage: The Green Container Storage Company does not offer climate-controlled storage, which may not be suitable for storing delicate or sensitive items.

3. Limited office opening hours: The office is only open for a limited number of hours each day, which may not be convenient for customers who need to speak to someone in person.

4. No loading or unloading assistance: The company does not offer loading or unloading assistance, which may be challenging for customers who need help moving heavy items.

5. Limited parking: The parking at the site is limited, which could be an issue for customers who need to leave their vehicles for an extended period.


  1. sean thomas says:

    Good man the lalltain

  2. Christine Fox says:

    I found the Green Container Storage Company to be very helpful and professional. They helped me to understand the process and procedure for initial delivery of my belongings and knowing they are safe and secure and I have access to them whenever I want gives me complete peace of mind. I would definetely recommend this company to anyone with storage requirements.

  3. T Donchev says:

    Easy Access and good clean containers. Would use again!

  4. Devo says:

    Regarding Azlam Shah’s comments.
    Green Container Storage Co, provide all their customers with Keys to gain entry onto their site, via the two security gates. This means no waiting around, you can drive straight in and load /unload 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  5. Azlam Shah says:

    Went to the site four times only to find no one there. After a few phone calls and an hour wait someone came and let us in so we could unload. Dissapointingly this is not the only time this happened – we are busy people and can not wait for others to turn up

  6. Brenda Preece says:

    Excellent service

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