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Extra Room Self Storage
Drayton Lane
Fenny Drayton

CV13 6AY

01827 722122


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is a reputable self-storage facility that provides individuals with a safe and secure storage solution for their belongings. With several locations across the country, Extra Room Self Storage has become the go-to storage provider for many people who need a temporary space to store their things.

The company offers a variety of sizes of storage units to accommodate customers’ needs, ranging from small units to store a few boxes, to large units that can hold the contents of an entire home. Customers can choose between climate-controlled and non-climate-controlled units, and all units are equipped with 24-hour surveillance to ensure the safety of customers’ belongings.

In addition to storage units, Extra Room Self Storage also offers vehicle storage for cars, boats, and RVs. The outdoor storage area is secured with a perimeter fence and monitored by cameras, giving customers peace of mind knowing their vehicles are protected while in storage.

The staff at Extra Room Self Storage is professional and accommodating, always ready to assist customers with their storage needs. They are knowledgeable about the facility and can assist customers with choosing the right storage unit for their belongings.

Extra Room Self Storage also offers flexible payment options, making it easy for customers to pay their monthly rent. Customers can make payments online, by phone, or through the mail, and the facility offers autopay options for added convenience.

Overall, Extra Room Self Storage is a reliable, secure, and convenient storage solution for anyone who needs to temporarily store their belongings. From its variety of unit sizes to its flexible payment options, the company has everything customers need to ensure the safekeeping of their valuables.

Good and bad things

Good Points:

1. Multiple Locations: Extra Room Self Storage has multiple locations, which makes it easier to find storage options in the area you are looking for.

2. Security: They have implemented high-level security measures at their storage facilities, including security cameras, gated access, and individual unit alarms.

3. Climate Controlled Units: Extra Room Self Storage offers climate-controlled units for storing sensitive items like electronics, documents, and furniture.

4. Flexible Contracts: They offer flexible month-to-month storage contracts for customers who don’t want to commit to a long-term contract.

5. Online Payment: Customers can pay their storage bills online, which is convenient and time-saving.

Bad Points:

1. Pricey: Extra Room Self Storage’s prices are slightly higher than their competitors.

2. Hidden Fees: Some customers have complained about hidden fees that were not initially disclosed.

3. Limited Access Hours: Extra Room Self Storage only allows customers to access their storage units during specific hours, which can be inconvenient for some.

4. Poor Customer Service: Some customers have had negative experiences with the customer service provided by Extra Room Self Storage.

5. Limited Unit Sizes: They offer limited sizes of storage units, which may not be suitable for some customers’ storage needs.


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