Easy Store 24/7 – Ipswich


Elton Park Business Centre
Hadleigh Road


0800 437 0811


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Easy Store 24/7 is a state-of-the-art self-storage facility located in Ipswich. Whether you are moving, renovating, or just need extra space to store items, Easy Store 24/7 provides a safe and convenient solution for all your storage needs.

The facility offers a variety of unit sizes ranging from small lockers to large rooms capable of storing oversized items. Additionally, all units are climate-controlled and secured with PIN code access, ensuring your belongings are protected from damage and theft.

One of the most notable features of Easy Store 24/7 is their 24/7 access, which allows you to access your unit at any time that suits you, without any restrictions. Moreover, you will have complete control over your unit, and you can manage it from anywhere using the facility’s online portal.

Apart from that, the facility offers video surveillance and security lighting to keep your unit secure. Additionally, the staff is helpful and knowledgeable, and they go out of their way to make sure you are satisfied with your rental experience.

Another advantage of renting a unit at Easy Store 24/7 is the flexibility they offer. You can rent a unit for as long or as little time as you need, without any minimum or maximum stay requirements.

To conclude, Easy Store 24/7 is the ideal storage solution for anyone needing a safe, secure, and flexible storage unit in Ipswich. With its state-of-the-art facilities and round-the-clock access, you can be sure your belongings are in good hands.

Good and bad things

Easy Store 24/7 – Ipswich is a self-storage facility that offers around-the-clock access to storage units. While there are certain advantages of choosing this facility, there are some negative aspects that prospective customers may want to consider. Here are some good and bad points about Easy Store 24/7 – Ipswich:

Good Points:

1. Accessibility: One of the biggest advantages of Easy Store 24/7 – Ipswich is its 24/7 accessibility. Customers can access their storage units at any time of the day or night, which makes it convenient for those who have busy schedules or need to access their belongings outside of regular business hours.

2. Security: The facility offers state-of-the-art security measures such as CCTV surveillance and access control systems, ensuring the safety of the stored items.

3. Flexibility: Easy Store 24/7 – Ipswich offers a range of storage units from small lockers to larger units to accommodate varying storage needs. Customers also have the option to rent storage units on a short-term or long-term basis, giving them the flexibility to choose according to their needs.

4. Online Reservations: The facility allows customers to reserve storage units online, making it easier for them to book units without leaving their homes.

Bad Points:

1. Location: The facility is located outside the city center, which may be inconvenient for those living or working in the central areas.

2. Price: The cost of renting storage units at Easy Store 24/7 – Ipswich may be higher than some of its competitors.

3. Limited Services: While the facility offers access to storage units round the clock, it does not offer any additional services like packing or moving assistance.

4. Uncertainty: Since customers have access to their units at all times, there may be a risk of theft or damage to the stored items due to other customers entering the facility outside of staffed hours.

Overall, Easy Store 24/7 – Ipswich is a reliable storage facility that offers certain advantages but may not be the best option for everyone. Prospective customers should weigh the benefits and drawbacks of the facility before choosing to store their belongings there.


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