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Lock Stock Self Storage is a leading storage facility in Shrewsbury, located at Battlefield Enterprise Park. The facility provides a range of premium storage solutions to meet the unique storage requirements of individuals and businesses in Shrewsbury and its surrounding areas.

The storage facility features a wide array of units that come in different sizes, ranging from small to large, to cater to the varying storage needs of clients. The units are clean, dry, and well-lit, ensuring that clients’ goods are safe and secure. Additionally, every client is issued with a personalized key fob that grants them access to their unit during the facility’s working hours making accessing their storage convenient and simple.

The storage facility is maintained to the highest possible standards, with regular cleaning and maintenance schedules to ensure that units are always clean and pest-free. They provide an ideal solution for storing household items, furniture, office equipment, seasonal items, sports equipment, and any other items that people may no longer have space for in their homes or businesses.

With flexible rental terms, clients enjoy ultimate convenience and affordability, with no long-term commitments. They can rent on a weekly or monthly basis with rates tailored to the specific requirements of their storage needs. Plus, with no hidden charges, clients can easily plan their storage expenses.

Lock Stock Self Storage also provides insurance to safeguard clients’ belongings against unforeseen risks, ensuring peace of mind. Clients can be confident that their belongings are always safe and secure, 24/7.

In conclusion, Lock Stock Self Storage in Shrewsbury provides a cost-effective, practical, and secure storage solution that has been serving clients in Shrewsbury for many years. With a dedication to providing exceptional service, the facility remains a trusted choice for anyone in need of reliable storage solutions for personal or business use.

Good and bad things

Lock Stock Self Storage – Shrewsbury is a self-storage facility that offers various storage options to individuals, businesses, and organizations. Here are some of the good and bad points of the facility:

Good Points:
1. Convenient location: The facility is located in Shrewsbury, making it easily accessible to people living in the town and its surrounding areas.

2. Ample security measures: Lock Stock Self Storage has measures in place to ensure the security of customers’ belongings. These include CCTV cameras, security guards, and an alarm system.

3. Different storage options: The facility has a variety of units of different sizes, allowing customers to choose a unit that best fits their storage needs.

4. Competitive pricing: The storage units are priced competitively, making them affordable for most people looking for storage solutions.

5. Clean and well-maintained facility: The facility is clean and well-maintained, creating a good impression for customers.

Bad points:

1. Limited accessibility: The facility’s opening hours are limited, which may not be convenient for some customers who need to access their storage units outside these hours.

2. No climate-controlled units: The facility does not offer climate-controlled storage units, which may limit the types of items that can be stored.

3. Additional fees: Customers may need to pay additional fees for services such as insurance and moving assistance.

4. Limited parking: The facility has limited parking space, which could be a challenge for customers who need to park their vehicles while accessing their storage units.

5. No drive-up access: Some storage units are located on upper floors, making it challenging to move bulky items in and out if not readily accessible.

Overall, Lock Stock Self Storage – Shrewsbury offers many benefits, including excellent security measures, competitive pricing, and different storage options. However, its limited accessibility and additional costs could be a disadvantage for some customers.


  1. Kevin Hooper says:

    Great to have 24 hour access and be able to come and go as you please, no out of hours charges. Floodlights and CCTV so felt totally safe at night. Staff really helpful and friendly, nothing is too much trouble.

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