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Self Store Depot is a reliable provider of storage solutions in Faringdon, a historic market town in the Vale of White Horse district of Oxfordshire, UK. The company offers a range of storage units, including individual lockers, small closet-size spaces, and large rooms, suitable for different storage needs.

The storage units are self-contained, clean, and secure, ensuring that customers can store their possessions with complete peace of mind. The facility is accessible 24/7, and the units are equipped with state-of-the-art security features, including CCTV cameras, motion sensors, and individual alarms. The staff is friendly, helpful, and always ready to assist customers with their storage needs.

Self Store Depot is conveniently located on Park Road in Faringdon, with easy access from the A420, and ample parking space for customers. The facility is ideal for business owners, homeowners, and individuals who need extra storage space for their personal or professional needs.

The company offers flexible rental options, with short-term and long-term contracts available at competitive rates. Customers can rent a storage unit for as little as a week or as long as they require, with no hidden costs or fees. The rental agreement can be easily extended, terminated, or upgraded as per the customer’s convenience.

Self Store Depot also provides additional services, such as pallet delivery, packaging supplies, and removal services, to help make the storage experience hassle-free for its customers. The company is dedicated to providing a high level of customer satisfaction and takes pride in its reputation as a reliable storage provider in the Faringdon area.

In conclusion, Self Store Depot is a trusted storage solution provider in Faringdon, catering to a diverse range of storage needs for both residential and commercial customers. With its convenient location, flexible rental options, and top-notch security, the company is an ideal choice for anyone looking for reliable and affordable storage solutions.

Good and bad things

Self Store Depot is a storage company that offers secure and convenient storage facilities to residents of Faringdon and the surrounding areas. Here is a list of some of the good and bad points of the company:

Good points:

1. Secure facilities: Self Store Depot provides a high level of security for its clients’ belongings. The storage units are well-maintained and fitted with advanced locking mechanisms, CCTV, and alarm systems.

2. Convenient location: The company is located in a convenient location in Faringdon, providing easy access for clients who want to store and retrieve their belongings.

3. Flexible storage options: Self Store Depot offers a range of storage options to suit various needs and budgets. Clients can choose from small or large units, short or long-term rentals, and climate-controlled storage.

4. Excellent customer service: The staff at Self Store Depot are friendly and professional. They are always available to answer questions and assist clients with their storage needs.

5. Affordable pricing: The company offers competitive pricing, making it accessible to a wide range of clients.

Bad points:

1. Limited accessibility: The storage facilities are not accessible 24/7. Clients must adhere to specific opening hours, which may not be convenient for everyone.

2. Lack of insurance: Self Store Depot does not provide insurance for clients’ belongings. Clients must arrange their insurance, which may be an extra cost.

3. No on-site assistance: Unlike some storage companies, Self Store Depot does not provide on-site assistance with loading or unloading belongings. Clients must arrange their help.

4. Limited parking: The parking facilities at the company can be limited, making it challenging to park near the storage units.

5. No online payment option: Self Store Depot does not provide an online payment option, which may be inconvenient for some clients who prefer to make payments electronically.

Despite these drawbacks, Self Store Depot is an excellent storage option for those in Faringdon looking for affordable and secure storage facilities.


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