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Whatever Storage,
Blofield Business Centre,
Woodbastwich Road
Blofield Heath

NR13 4RR



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Whatever Storage is a revolutionary concept that aims to change the way people store their belongings. It is a storage facility that can be customized and tailored to meet the unique needs and requirements of each customer.

Whatever Storage is not just a conventional storage facility but an innovative and flexible solution that can adjust to different storage needs. Whether you want to store your household goods, business inventory, or valuables, Whatever Storage can accommodate all your storage requirements.

Moreover, Whatever Storage is a cost-effective and convenient solution that allows customers to access their belongings whenever they need them. With Whatever Storage, you are in total control of your storage space, and you can choose the size and layout of your storage unit based on your needs and budget.

Whatever Storage offers climate-controlled storage units that protect your valuables from extreme temperature and humidity. Additionally, Whatever Storage provides state-of-the-art security features to ensure that your belongings are safe and protected at all times.

Whatever Storage is not just a storage facility; it is a flexible, adaptable, and accessible solution that can cater to your storage needs. It offers a range of customizable features that allow you to store your belongings securely and conveniently.

In conclusion, Whatever Storage is a storage facility that offers a personalized and flexible solution to storage needs. With Whatever Storage, you can store your belongings with confidence, knowing that they are secure and protected.

Good and bad things

Whatever Storage is a storage company that offers a variety of storage options to its clients. Here are some of the good and bad points of the company:

Good Points:
1. Easy Access: Whatever Storage offers 24/7 access to the stored items, which provides maximum accessibility and convenience to its customers.
2. Security: The company boasts state-of-the-art security measures, like CCTV cameras, digital locks, and secure fencing, to ensure that the stored items remain safe and secure.
3. Wide range of storage options: The company offers a wide range of storage options, including climate-controlled units, indoor and outdoor units, drive-up units, and more. This provides flexibility to customers in terms of choosing the most suitable storage option based on their needs.
4. Competitive pricing: Whatever Storage offers competitive pricing, making it an affordable option for customers.

Bad points:
1. Limited locations: Whatever Storage has a limited number of locations. This can be a problem for customers who require storage units in areas where the company does not operate.
2. Hidden Fees: The company has a reputation for being sneaky with hidden fees. Make sure you read the contract carefully before signing to avoid unpleasant surprises.
3. Poor customer service: Whatever Storage has been criticized for poor customer service. This includes problems with billing, poor communication and lack of assistance when moving items in and out of storage.
4. Limited unit sizes: The company only offers a limited range of unit sizes. This means that some customers may have trouble finding a storage unit that appropriately fits their belongings.

Overall, Whatever Storage has its pros and cons. Depending on your needs, personal experience and budget it might be the perfect storage solution or not. It’s always recommended to research different options beforehand and read reviews from other customers.


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