John Mason International – Liverpool


35 Wilson Road
Huyton Business Park

L36 6AE

+44 (0)151 449 3938


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John Mason International is a leading international moving company with headquarters in Liverpool. The company provides a comprehensive range of relocation services to individuals, families and corporate clients worldwide. Since its inception in 1884, John Mason International has established a reputation for excellence, reliability and professionalism.

John Mason’s services go beyond helping clients move from one location to another, but they also offer a wide variety of additional services. These include packing and unpacking of personal belongings, cleaning, storing and shipping of vehicles and pets. John Mason has a team of experienced and professional movers who take care of client belongings at every stage of the relocation process. They utilize the latest equipment and techniques to ensure that each move is safe and hassle-free for their clients.

In addition, John Mason International Liverpool specialises in international relocations, including customs formalities and local regulations. The company has offices in Australia, the USA and New Zealand, and offers regular shipping routes to other parts of the world. John Mason offers consultation services to clients who are unfamiliar with foreign cultures and lifestyles, making their transition much smoother.

John Mason International also takes pride in its commitment to corporate responsibility. The company’s environmental policy is centred around reducing their carbon footprint by using responsibly sourced packaging materials, using low-emission vehicles and partnering with companies that share their values. They also make an effort to contribute to local communities through charitable donations and volunteer work.

In conclusion, John Mason International Liverpool is a well-established international moving company with an excellent reputation, committed to providing clients with the highest levels of service and professionalism. They offer a wide range of relocation services, from packing and unpacking to customs formalities and shipping. John Mason international’s clients can have peace of mind knowing that their relocation will be handled with utmost care, efficiency and reliability.

Good and bad things

Good points:
1. John Mason International has a strong reputation for quality service and efficient moving solutions, making it the go-to choice for international moves from Liverpool.
2. The company offers a range of comprehensive moving services, including packing, loading, transportation, storage, and unpacking, ensuring that clients can have a hassle-free moving experience.
3. John Mason International has a team of experienced and certified professionals who possess in-depth knowledge and skills about the moving process, making sure that clients’ possessions are always in safe hands.
4. The company has a worldwide network of partners, enabling it to offer a smooth and seamless moving experience, whether clients are relocating within Europe or to far-flung destinations.
5. John Mason International has an excellent track record in customer service, providing prompt response times, clear communication, and personalized attention to the clients’ specific needs and requirements.

Bad points:
1. John Mason International’s prices can be higher compared to some of its competitors, making it not the most cost-effective option for budget-conscious clients.
2. As with any moving service, there is always a risk of damage, loss, or theft of belongings during the transit process, which can lead to dissatisfied customers.
3. Some clients may prefer to have more control over the moving process, and John Mason International’s comprehensive services may not suit all clients’ needs and preferences.
4. While the company has a worldwide network of partners, it may not be able to accommodate moving requests to extremely remote or restricted areas.
5. In some cases, scheduling and logistical issues may arise, resulting in delays or other difficulties during the move, which can impact the overall moving experience.


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