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Unit 1, 25-27 Gordon Road

SE15 2AF

020 7635 5332


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Roberts & Denny’s Storage is a well-established self-storage company that has been providing quality storage solutions to people in Denver for over 20 years. The company offers an array of storage units ranging from small, medium to large sizes that are perfect for storing household items, commercial goods, or even vehicles.

This storage facility features top-of-the-line surveillance systems, digital keypads, and 24/7 on-site management to ensure the best security measures are in place for customers’ belongings. The staff is highly trained and dedicated to providing excellent customer service by answering all queries, helping with paperwork, and assisting during move-ins or move-outs.

The company also offers amenities such as climate-controlled units, drive-up access, and ample lighting, making it easy for customers to access their belongings any time of the day. Additionally, to ease the burden of moving and storing items, Roberts & Denny’s Storage sells boxes, packing materials, and locks conveniently on-site.

Roberts & Denny’s Storage has a month-to-month lease policy, which means customers can choose to rent for as long or as little as they want, without worrying about any long-term contracts. The prices of storage units are also competitive, and there are no hidden fees, making it affordable for customers to rent space for their valuables.

Overall, Roberts & Denny’s Storage is committed to providing secure, convenient, and affordable storage solutions to people of Denver. They are an excellent choice for anyone who needs reliable self-storage for their personal or business needs.

Good and bad things

Roberts & Denny’s Storage is a storage company in the United States that offers a wide range of storage solutions to suit the needs of different individuals and businesses. While the company has numerous advantages, it also has a few drawbacks that customers should consider before choosing the company. Below is a list of good and bad points associated with Roberts & Denny’s Storage.

Good Points:
1. Variety of storage options: Roberts & Denny’s Storage offers a range of storage facilities, including climate-controlled, indoor, and outdoor storage units. Customers can choose the option that suits their needs best.

2. Excellent customer service: With courteous and professional staff available 24/7, Roberts & Denny’s Storage is known for providing excellent customer service. The company’s representatives are always willing to help with anything that customers need.

3. Secure storage facilities: The company’s storage facilities are equipped with modern security features like security cameras, electronic gates, and alarms to keep the customers’ belongings safe and secure.

4. Convenient locations: Roberts & Denny’s Storage has many conveniently located storage facilities across the United States. This makes it easy for customers to access their belongings whenever they need to.

5. Affordable pricing: The company offers competitive pricing for its storage services, and customers can take advantage of discounts and special offers to reduce their storage costs.

Bad Points:
1. Limited availability: While Roberts & Denny’s Storage has many storage facilities, they may not be available in some cities or towns. This makes it difficult for customers who need storage facilities in areas where the company doesn’t operate.

2. Hidden fees: Some customers have reported hidden fees that weren’t mentioned in the initial pricing. This can be frustrating for clients who had budgeted for specific storage costs.

3. Restricted access hours: Some Roberts & Denny’s Storage facilities have restricted access hours, which can make it difficult for customers who need to access their belongings outside regular hours.

4. No insurance coverage: Roberts & Denny’s Storage does not offer any insurance coverage for the clients’ belongings. This means that customers should have their insurance cover to protect their property.

5. Limited parking space: Some Roberts & Denny’s Storage facilities have limited parking space, which can be inconvenient for customers who need to park their cars while accessing their belongings.

While Roberts & Denny’s Storage has numerous advantages, some drawbacks exist, making it important for customers to consider all their options before choosing a storage company. The company offers a wide range of storage options, excellent customer service, secure storage facilities, convenient locations, and affordable pricing. However, it has restrictions on availability, hidden fees, restricted access hours, no insurance cover, and limited parking space. Customers should weigh these pros and cons before choosing Roberts & Denny’s Storage.


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