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Anglia Self Storage is a reliable and secure storage facility that offers its customers a wide range of storage solutions for their personal or business needs. Located in Norfolk, England, Anglia Self Storage provides a safe and secure space for items that need to be stored away. Their units are available in different sizes, and they offer both short and long-term storage options.

The facility is well equipped with state-of-the-art security systems including CCTV surveillance, individual alarm systems, and fire protection systems to ensure that all the items housed in their facility are safe and secure. The 24-hour access policy means that customers can easily access their units whenever they need them.

Apart from their standard storage units, Anglia Self Storage also offers specialized storage solutions like document storage, boat storage, and caravan storage. They understand that different clients have different needs, and they strive to provide tailored storage solutions to meet individual needs.

The facility is operated by a team of highly trained professionals who are always on hand to assist customers with their storage needs. They offer advice and guidance on the best storage options, packing and wrapping of items, and security of stored items. The team ensures that all items stored in the facility are well taken care of.

Anglia Self Storage operates on a simple pricing model with no hidden fees or extra charges. Prices are competitively priced, and customers are only charged for the space they use. There are no minimum storage periods, and clients can move out at any time. They are also able to transfer to units of different sizes whenever they wish.

In conclusion, Anglia Self Storage is a highly recommended storage facility that thrives on providing its customers with exceptional storage solutions. With their easy access policy, state-of-the-art security systems, and highly professional staff, they are the go-to storage company for people in the East Anglia region.

Good and bad things

Anglia Self Storage is a self storage company that provides various storage solutions for individuals and businesses. Below are some good and bad points about this company:

Good points:

1. Flexible contracts: Anglia Self Storage offers flexible contracts, allowing customers to rent storage space for as little or as long as they need. This is ideal for those who don’t want to commit to long-term storage contracts.

2. Secure facilities: The company has secure facilities with 24/7 CCTV surveillance, alarms, and security patrols. Customers can feel confident that their items are safe and secure.

3. Affordable prices: Anglia Self Storage offers competitive prices for their storage units, making them an affordable option for those looking for storage solutions.

4. Wide range of storage options: The company offers a wide range of storage options, including indoor, outdoor, and climate-controlled units, as well as vehicle storage. This provides customers with more options, depending on their storage needs.

Bad points:

1. Limited locations: Anglia Self Storage only has two locations in the UK, which might not be convenient for customers outside their service areas.

2. Hidden fees: Some customers have complained that the company charges hidden fees, such as administration fees or late payment fees. These fees are not clearly advertised on their website or in their contracts.

3. Limited access hours: Customers can only access their storage units during specific hours, which may not be convenient for those who need to access their items outside of these hours.

4. Poor customer service: Some customers have complained about the company’s customer service, citing unhelpful staff and slow response times.

Overall, Anglia Self Storage provides flexible and secure storage solutions at affordable prices, but they also have some drawbacks, such as limited locations and hidden fees. It is crucial to read their terms and conditions carefully before making a decision.


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