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BoxitStoreit is a fast-growing storage and moving company based in the United States that offers convenient and cost-effective solutions to individuals and businesses looking for flexible storage services. Founded in 2017, the company has transformed the storage and moving industry by providing innovative solutions that allow customers to store their belongings in a secured facility without having to leave their homes or offices.

BoxitStoreit offers a range of storage services including self-storage, full-service storage, and moving services. Customers can choose to store their belongings either in a traditional storage unit or in a portable storage container that the company delivers to their homes or offices. The portable storage containers are designed to be weather-resistant, secure, and easy to access, making them a perfect storage solution for people who need to store their belongings for a short or long-term period.

BoxitStoreit’s storage solutions are designed to meet the different needs and budgets of their customers. The company offers flexible payment options, competitive rates, and personalized services to ensure that customers get the best value for their money. Customers can choose to store their items for a few days, months, or years and can access them whenever they want without any restrictions.

One of the things that sets BoxitStoreit apart from other storage companies is its full-service storage option. With this option, customers don’t have to worry about packing, loading, and unloading their items as the company handles everything from start to finish. The company’s team of experienced movers will pack and transport the customer’s belongings to their facility, where they will be stored securely until they are needed again.

In summary, BoxitStoreit is a storage and moving company that offers innovative and affordable storage solutions to individuals and businesses. From its flexible payment options to its full-service storage option, the company has made storing and moving items a hassle-free experience for its customers. By choosing BoxitStoreit, you can rest assured that your belongings are in good hands.

Good and bad things

BoxitStoreit is an Australian-based company that provides affordable and convenient storage solutions for individuals and businesses. Here are some of its good and bad points:

Good Points:

1. Convenient location: BoxitStoreit has several storage facilities located in strategic areas across Australia, making it easy for customers to access their belongings whenever needed.

2. Affordable pricing: BoxitStoreit offers competitive pricing for their services, which makes them one of the most affordable storage solutions providers in the market.

3. Flexible terms: Customers can choose from short-term or long-term contracts to suit their needs.

4. Easy to use: The process of storing items with BoxitStoreit is straightforward, with an online platform that allows customers to book, manage and track their belongings.

5. Secure facilities: BoxitStoreit facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems like CCTV cameras, swipe card access, and perimeter fencing, ensuring maximum protection for customer belongings.

Bad Points:

1. Limited services: BoxitStoreit only provides storage solutions and does not offer additional services like moving or packing, which may be inconvenient for some customers.

2. Limited space: The company’s storage facilities may not be suitable for customers looking for large storage spaces, especially for businesses that need to store large items like equipment or machinery.

3. Limited locations: BoxitStoreit currently has storage facilities in only a few locations, making it difficult for customers outside these areas to access their services.

4. Limited accessibility: Some of BoxitStoreit’s facilities are only accessible during business hours, which may not suit everyone’s needs.

5. Potential damage: Although BoxitStoreit provides measures to maintain security, there is still potential for damage or loss due to unforeseen circumstances like natural disasters or theft.

Overall, BoxitStoreit is an excellent storage solution provider for individuals and businesses looking for affordable and convenient options. However, it may not be the best fit for those needing additional services or large storage spaces.


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