Evans Easyspace – Rochdale


Dane Street

OL12 6XB

01706 751 200


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Evans Easyspace is a leading provider of flexible workspace solutions in Rochdale. The company offers a variety of office spaces, meeting rooms, and virtual offices to suit the needs of businesses of all sizes.

Located in the heart of Rochdale, Evans Easyspace is conveniently situated near major transport links, making it easily accessible for businesses and clients alike. The workspace solutions are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, including high-speed internet and video conferencing facilities to enable businesses to work efficiently.

One of the unique features of Evans Easyspace is its flexibility. The company offers customizable office spaces that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses. Enterprises may opt for co-working spaces if they prefer to work in a more communal setting, while others may prefer private offices for more privacy and exclusivity. Clients may also choose meeting rooms for hosting events, training sessions, or business luncheons.

In addition to physical workspace solutions, Evans Easyspace also provides virtual offices that enable businesses to have a Rochdale business address without having to have a physical office space. This is an ideal solution for startups or solo entrepreneurs who want to establish a professional presence with a smaller budget.

Evans Easyspace’s professional staff is available on-site to assist with any business needs or support issues that arise. The staff is trained and dedicated to ensuring that businesses can perform at their best.

In conclusion, Evans Easyspace offers an excellent range of flexible workspace solutions for businesses in Rochdale. The company’s range of customizable spaces, coupled with its technological advancements and inclusive services, make it a suitable choice for startups, entrepreneurs, and large corporations alike.

Good and bad things

Good points about Evans Easyspace – Rochdale:

1. Great location: The property is situated in a prime location, very close to the town centre and motorway links.

2. Affordable rates: The company offers reasonable rates for offices and virtual offices, making it a popular choice for startup businesses and entrepreneurs.

3. Professional facilities: The offices and facilities are modern and professional, with high-speed internet and access to meeting rooms.

4. Flexible contracts: The company offers flexible contracts, allowing tenants to scale up or down as their business needs change.

5. Supportive staff: The friendly and helpful staff are available to provide support and guidance to tenants.

Bad points about Evans Easyspace – Rochdale:

1. Limited parking: The property has limited parking spaces, which can be an issue for businesses with multiple employees or visitors.

2. Noise pollution: As the property is situated close to the motorway, there can be noise pollution which can be a problem for some tenants.

3. Limited storage space: The property does not offer much storage space, which may be an issue for businesses that require additional storage.

4. No on-site catering: There are no on-site catering facilities, which can be inconvenient for tenants who require regular refreshments or lunch options.

5. Limited security: While the property has security measures in place, it may not be ideal for businesses that require high levels of security for their operations.


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