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Mentmore House
Cray Ave


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Safestore is a popular self-storage facility located in Orpington, Bromley. It offers a reliable and secure storage service for both personal and business use. This facility has several storage units with different sizes to accommodate every need.

Security is a top priority at Safestore. The facility has an advanced security system in place, including 24-hour CCTV cameras, smoke detectors, and fire alarms. The units are fitted with individual alarms, and access is only permitted through a personalized PIN code system.

Safestore Orpington provides convenience and accessibility to its customers. The facility is easily accessible via major roads and highways. Also, it has a large loading area for easy loading and unloading of goods. Customers can access their storage units at any time of the day or night since the facility operates 24/7.

The storage units at Safestore Orpington are clean, dry, and well-ventilated. The temperature is regulated to preserve the quality of goods stored inside, including documents, furniture, and other sensitive items. The units are also equipped with shelving, and customers can purchase packing materials such as boxes and locks from the facility.

Safestore Orpington provides affordable storage solutions to its customers. The rates are competitive, and customers can choose to rent a unit on short or long-term basis. The facility also offers discounts for long-term rentals.

In summary, Safestore Orpington is a reliable and secure self-storage facility that provides convenient and affordable storage solutions to its customers. With its advanced security system, clean and well-ventilated storage units, and excellent customer service, the facility is a top choice for those in need of storage space in Orpington and beyond.

Good and bad things

Good points:
1. Safestore – Orpington is a highly secure storage facility, with CCTV monitoring, intruder alarms, and keypad access control systems in place.
2. The units at Safestore – Orpington are clean, dry, and well-lit, ensuring that your belongings are protected from moisture, dust, and pests.
3. The staff at Safestore – Orpington are friendly, knowledgeable, and always willing to help you with your storage needs.
4. The facility is conveniently located near major transportation routes, making it easy to access from anywhere in the area.
5. The storage units are available in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

Bad points:
1. Safestore – Orpington is one of the more expensive storage facilities in the area, so it may not be the best option for those on a tight budget.
2. There have been some complaints in the past about the cleanliness of the common areas at the facility, although this seems to be a relatively minor issue.
3. Parking can be somewhat difficult at times, especially during peak hours. This can be frustrating if you need to get in and out of your storage unit quickly.
4. There have also been some complaints about temperature control in the units, with some customers reporting that their belongings have been damaged by extreme heat or cold.
5. The facility can get quite busy during the summer months, so it’s important to book your unit well in advance to avoid disappointment.


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