Folkestone Storage – Folkestone


104 Foord Road

CT19 5AA

01303 850 630


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Storage is an essential service in most towns and cities, and Folkestone is no exception. The town has a growing population with many people in need of additional storage spaces both for personal and business use. Folkestone storage is a reliable, secure, and affordable option for storing personal or business items.

Folkestone storage is a modern facility that offers a range of storage options. Their storage units come in different sizes to accommodate the needs of various customers. They are perfect for storing furniture, office equipment, household items, and even automobiles. The facility also offers climate-controlled storage units ideal for storing temperature-sensitive items such as documents, photographs, and antiques.

The storage facility is conveniently located, providing easy access to individuals and businesses in the local area. Folkestone storage is open seven days a week, allowing customers to access their belongings at their convenience. They also provide a range of additional services such as packing supplies, removals, and transportation. This makes the process of moving and storing belongings quick and hassle-free.

Security is a top priority for Folkestone storage. The facility has 24-hour video surveillance, secure electronic gates, and high-security locks to ensure that customers’ belongings remain safe and protected. The staff is also available to offer additional advice and support to ensure that all items are stored properly.

In summary, Folkestone storage offers premier storage facilities to individuals and businesses in Folkestone. Their state-of-the-art storage units, flexible terms, and affordable prices make it a great choice for people seeking additional storage spaces. Their commitment to security and customer service makes them an excellent choice for those wanting peace of mind when storing their belongings. If you’re in need of storage options in Folkestone, Folkestone storage is definitely an option to consider.

Good and bad things

Good points of Folkestone Storage:

1. Conveniently located on the outskirts of Folkestone, the facility offers easy access to clients from the town and surrounding areas.
2. The site is well-maintained and secure, with state-of-the-art security measures, including CCTV surveillance, monitored alarms, and secure access.
3. Folkestone Storage offers various storage solutions, including personal and business storage, document storage, and vehicle storage, with a range of unit sizes to suit all needs.
4. The facility offers flexible rental terms, with short and long-term options available, allowing customers to lease storage space on a monthly or yearly basis.
5. Folkestone Storage provides excellent customer services, with a friendly and responsive team on hand to assist customers with their storage needs.

Bad points of Folkestone Storage:

1. The facility is located slightly off the beaten track, making it slightly inconvenient for clients travelling from other parts of Kent or further afield.
2. Folkestone Storage’s prices are slightly higher than some of its competitors in the area, making it less accessible to budget-conscious customers.
3. While the site is well-maintained and secure, some customers may find the restrictions on access (i.e., no 24/7 access) or the requirement for additional security measures (e.g., padlock) inconvenient.
4. There are few additional services or amenities available on-site, such as packing and moving supplies, which some customers may find frustrating.


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