Big Yellow Self Storage – Bromley


12 Farwig Lane


02083 130 854


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Big Yellow Self Storage is a renowned self-storage provider, and its Bromley branch is one of their finest offerings. The facility is located on Burnt Ash Lane, close to Bromley South railway station, making it very accessible to residents of the area. Its modern, state-of-the-art building is hard to miss and its bright yellow branding is visible from a distance.

The facility offers a wide range of storage options to cater to a variety of needs. Customers can choose from different sized storage units, ranging from small lockers to large rooms. Furthermore, the units are fitted with secure locks and alarms, ensuring that customers’ belongings are well-protected at all times.

At Big Yellow Self Storage in Bromley, customers can also enjoy a range of additional services, including a loading bay for easy unloading, a lift to access higher floors, and trolleys and pallet trucks to help move items around the facility. The facility is open seven days a week, and customers can access their storage unit during extended hours, making it convenient for people with a busy lifestyle.

Another benefit of using Big Yellow Self Storage is the flexibility offered by the company. Customers can choose the length of time they require storage for, from as little as seven days to as long as they need. To make it easier for customers, there is no deposit required, and customers can easily change the size of the unit they rent, based on their changing requirements.

In summary, Big Yellow Self Storage in Bromley is an excellent self-storage facility that offers a high level of security, convenience, and flexibility. With its modern building, range of unit sizes, and additional services, it is an excellent option for people looking to store their belongings in the Bromley area.

Good and bad things

Good Points:
1. Flexible rental options make it easy for customers to choose the right size storage unit and rental period.
2. The facility is open 7 days a week, providing convenience for customers.
3. The storage units are secure and climate-controlled, protecting customers’ belongings from damage and theft.
4. There is ample parking space for vehicles, making loading and unloading easy.
5. The staff is friendly and helpful; they provide advice and recommendations based on individual needs.

Bad Points:
1. The rental prices are relatively high compared to other storage facilities in the area.
2. Some storage units may not have enough lighting, making it difficult to navigate in the darkness.
3. The access times may be restricted during holidays or special events, causing inconvenience to customers.
4. The facility may not always have enough carts or dollies to help move customers’ belongings.
5. Some customers may find it challenging to access their storage units due to narrow corridors or awkwardly placed doors.


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