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All Secure Self Storage, located in Strood, Kent, is a facility that offers self-storage solutions for individuals and businesses. Established in 2002, the company has been providing high-quality storage facilities and services to the local community in Strood.

The facility spans over 30,000 square feet and offers over 500 secure storage units ranging in size from lockers to larger units suitable for warehousing and document storage. With a variety of storage options to choose from, customers can rent a storage unit for as short or as long as they need, with flexible contracts and fair pricing.

All Secure Self Storage prides itself on its commitment to maintaining a safe, secure and clean environment for its customers. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art security systems including CCTV cameras, perimeter fencing and electronic gates to ensure the safety of its customers’ belongings.

The company offers additional services such as packing materials, removals, and transport solutions to help make the storage experience stress-free for customers. The staff are highly experienced and offer excellent customer service, ensuring that all customers are well taken care of.

Whether you’re moving house, decluttering, or simply need some extra space to store your belongings, All Secure Self Storage provides an excellent solution. With its affordable prices, secure facility, and excellent customer service, the storage provider is a great choice for anyone looking for self-storage solutions in Strood.

Good and bad things

All Secure Self Storage in Strood is a self-storage facility that offers secure and affordable storage solutions. Listed below are its good and bad points:

Good points:
1. The facility offers excellent security measures, including 24/7 CCTV monitoring, secure access control systems, and alarms to ensure that your belongings are safe.
2. The staff are friendly, professional, and always available to assist you with your storage needs.
3. The facility provides a range of storage units in varying sizes to accommodate all your storage needs.
4. The units are clean, dry, and well-maintained to ensure that your belongings stay in an optimum condition.
5. All Secure Self Storage has competitive pricing, making it an excellent option for those on a budget.

Bad points:
1. The facility is not easily accessible by public transportation, making it difficult for those who do not have access to a car.
2. The facility may not be suitable for those who require constant access to their units as opening times are limited.
3. Some of the storage units may not be climate-controlled, which may not be suitable for storing sensitive items such as artwork or antiques.

Overall, All Secure Self Storage is an excellent choice for those looking for secure, affordable storage solutions in Strood. While it may not be perfect for everyone, the facility’s good points outweigh its bad points, making it a worthwhile consideration.


  1. Ian Rich says:

    There are currently no plans to transfer ownership of the business to any third parties. I am interested to know the source of your information?

  2. Mr Frank Marks says:

    Dear All Secure Storage.
    We have tried to get through via your website and e-mail link.
    Please can you advise us in respect to the current situation at the yard in Station Road Strood,as we have been told it is going to change hands ?
    What will be the sitaution if new owners take over the site ?
    Will the rental fees rise ?

  3. M.Crawford says:

    I’ve got to say the comment below sounds unlikely to me. I owed these over 8 months of rent to the tune of £1500+ and due to a financial hardship they have allowed me time to get my business of it’s behind and pay it off monthly. I don’t know of many places that would do that. No threats, just good compassionate service. If you think this isn’t a real comment feel free to email me personally

  4. Ian Rich says:

    There is no record of this customer on our system so I am unable to investigate the matter further. I find it hard to believe that a member of staff would threaten a customer and therefore believe that this comment is a malicious attack for reasons unknown.

  5. S. Malinki says:

    I wouldn’t recommend this place- it’s badly and un-professionally run. I owed money after being incorrectly billed for months- despite asking for a correct invoice many times, and trying to come to a sensible payment agreement. The management threatened to rob my home and beat me up if I didn’t pay, and refused to discuss payment options in a reasonable manner! Avoid at all costs!

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