Herts Storage – Ware


Herts Storage Centre
Marsh Lane

SG12 9QN

01920 461616


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Herts Storage is a leading self-storage facility located in Ware, Hertfordshire. This facility offers customized storage options to meet a wide range of storage needs for both residential and commercial customers. With a wide variety of storage unit sizes, from small lockers to large garage-sized units, Herts Storage can accommodate items of all sizes.

The facility is clean and secure, with surveillance cameras monitoring the premises 24/7. Each storage unit is individually alarmed to ensure maximum security for customers’ belongings. The storage units are also temperature-controlled, helping to protect valuable items from extreme temperatures and humidity.

Customers can access their storage unit seven days a week during extended hours, making it convenient and easy to get to their belongings. Herts Storage also offers free on-site parking, making it easy for customers to move their belongings in and out.

For businesses looking for extra space to store their stock or pallets, Herts Storage also offers commercial storage options. The facility is equipped with forklifts, trolleys, and other necessary equipment to make the storage of commercial goods as easy as possible.

Whether you need storage space for personal or commercial use, Herts Storage can meet your needs. With reasonable rates, flexible rental terms, and exceptional customer service, Herts Storage is the best choice for storage solutions in Ware and the surrounding areas.

Good and bad things

Good points:

1. Herts Storage – Ware is located in a prime location, making it easily accessible and convenient for customers.
2. The storage facility is very secure with CCTV monitoring, alarm systems and secure locks, giving customers peace of mind that their belongings are safe.
3. The storage units are clean, well-maintained and come in different sizes to suit the needs of different clients.
4. The staff are experienced and helpful, offering excellent customer service and assistance when needed.
5. The facility provides 24/7 access to the units, making it convenient for clients who might need to access their possessions outside of business hours.

Bad points:

1. The facility might be a bit expensive compared to other options in the area, making it unaffordable for some clients.
2. The parking lot can get cramped at peak times, making it difficult for clients to maneuver their vehicles and load/unload their belongings.
3. The storage units might not be very well-ventilated, making it susceptible to dampness, mold and other environmental issues.
4. The contract terms and conditions might be a bit rigid, making it difficult for clients to make changes or terminate their contract without incurring penalties.
5. The facility might not be suitable for all types of storage, as it might not accommodate large or bulky items.


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