Safestore – Southampton


100 St Marys Rd

SO14 0AL

02380 222 189


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Safestore is a leading provider of self-storage solutions in Southampton. With a range of storage options to suit different needs, the company has established itself as a reliable and convenient option for those looking for storage space in the city.

One of the biggest advantages of using Safestore is the security the company provides. All storage units are protected by CCTV cameras, 24-hour manned security, and alarms. This means that customers can have peace of mind knowing that their valuables are safe and secure.

Another advantage of Safestore is the flexibility it provides. Customers can choose from a range of different storage options, depending on their needs. This includes small lockers for storing important documents and valuables, as well as larger units for storing furniture, household items, and business equipment.

In addition to its range of storage options, Safestore also offers a range of additional services, such as insurance and packing supplies. This means that customers can get everything they need in one place, making the whole process of storing belongings simple and stress-free.

Overall, Safestore in Southampton is a reliable and secure option for anyone looking for self-storage solutions. With a range of storage options, flexible contracts, and additional services, it is no wonder that the company has established itself as a leader in the industry. So whether you are looking to store your personal belongings or business equipment, Safestore is definitely worth considering.

Good and bad things

Good points:
1. Safestore – Southampton offers a wide range of storage unit sizes, from small lockers to large rooms, to meet customers’ various storage needs.
2. The facility has top-notch security features, including fingerprint access control, CCTV surveillance, and alarm systems, ensuring the safety and security of stored items.
3. The staff members are friendly and courteous, always willing to assist customers with their storage inquiries and concerns.
4. The facility is conveniently located, with easy access to major transport links, making it easy for customers to drop off or pick up their belongings.
5. The storage units are clean and well-maintained, with climate control options available to protect sensitive items.

Bad points:
1. The pricing structure can be confusing, with different rates for different sizes of units and varying terms.
2. Some customers have reported issues with the customer service, particularly with billing and cancelations.
3. The parking area is limited, making it difficult for customers to park their cars near the facility during peak hours.
4. The facility may be prone to overcrowding during peak seasons, making it challenging for customers to access their units.
5. Some customers have reported issues with the accessibility of their units, particularly with narrow corridors and steep staircases.


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