Store First Rochdale – Rochdale


Crown business Park, Cowm Top Lane

OL11 2PU

01706 437 437


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Store First Rochdale is a leading self-storage facility nestled in the heart of Rochdale, catering to individuals and businesses looking for a safe and secure place to store their belongings. With a wide range of storage units in various sizes, the facility has become one of the most popular options for self-storage in the Rochdale area and nearby regions.

The facility is conveniently located just a short distance from Junction 21 of the M62, making it easily accessible from various parts of the Greater Manchester area. The Rochdale town center is also close by, with ample opportunities for shopping, dining, and other activities.

Store First Rochdale boasts top-notch security features, including 24/7 CCTV surveillance, state-of-the-art access control systems, and a high-security fencing perimeter. The facility also has fire and smoke detection systems and is fully alarmed to ensure maximum safety for customers’ belongings.

The storage units come in a range of sizes, from small lockers, to large units that can accommodate the contents of an entire home or business. The units are clean, dry, and well-maintained, ensuring that customers’ belongings remain in good condition while in storage.

One of the unique features of Store First Rochdale is its flexible contract arrangements. Customers can rent a unit for as little as a week or for as long as they need. The facility also offers discounts for long-term rentals, making it an affordable storage option.

In addition to storage units, the facility also offers a range of other services, including mailboxes, office space, Wi-Fi, and meeting rooms. Customers can also purchase packing materials on-site, making it easy to prepare and store their belongings.

Store First Rochdale prides itself on providing excellent customer service. The friendly and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to help customers find the right unit for their needs, answer any questions, or provide advice on how to pack and store items.

In conclusion, Store First Rochdale is a top-notch self-storage facility in Rochdale, offering secure, flexible, and affordable storage options for individuals and businesses. With its excellent amenities, convenient location, and outstanding customer service, Store First Rochdale is an ideal choice for anyone looking to store their belongings safely and conveniently.

Good and bad things

As an AI language model, I do not have personal opinions; however, here are some potential good and bad points about Store First Rochdale:

Good Points:

1. Store First Rochdale has a range of storage units available, catering to various sizes and storage purposes, ensuring that customers can rent space that meets their specific needs.

2. The facility has state-of-the-art security systems in place, such as 24-hour CCTV and intruder alarms, keeping customers’ belongings safe and secure.

3. Store First Rochdale also offers customers access to a range of facilities, including free Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, and office space, making it an ideal solution for businesses looking for extra storage and workspace.

4. The facility offers flexible rental terms, allowing customers to rent space on short or long-term agreements, as per their convenience.

Bad Points:

1. The location of Store First Rochdale may not be suitable for some customers, especially those who live in other parts of the city, as it may take longer for them to access the facility.

2. The cost of renting a storage unit at Store First Rochdale may be higher than some other storage facilities in the area, making it less affordable for some customers.

3. The availability of units may be limited at certain times of the year, particularly during peak seasons, making it harder for customers to secure the space they need.

4. Store First Rochdale is a self-storage facility, meaning customers have to handle their storage needs themselves, which may not be suitable for those who require extra assistance with their storage requirements.


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