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Stansted Storage offers a range of secure and affordable self-storage solutions for individuals and businesses. Located near London Stansted Airport, the facility is easily accessible and offers flexible rental agreements to suit your needs.

The storage units come in various sizes, from small lockers to large rooms that can accommodate furniture, equipment, and even vehicles. The units are clean, dry, and well-lit, with 24-hour CCTV surveillance and alarm systems to ensure the safety of your belongings. You can access your unit at any time, making it convenient for you to retrieve or store your items whenever you need to.

The facility also provides additional services such as packaging materials, moving truck rentals, and help with packing and loading your items into the storage unit. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable and are always available to assist you with any queries or concerns you may have.

Whether you’re moving homes or offices, decluttering, or need extra space for your hobbies or collections, Stansted Storage is the perfect solution. With their affordable rates, excellent customer service, and unbeatable security, you can rest assured that your belongings are in safe hands.

Good and bad things

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Stansted Storage: Pros and Cons of Using This Self-Storage Facility

Stansted Storage is a self-storage company located near Stansted Airport, in the village of Takeley, Essex, UK. It offers various storage solutions for personal and business use, including units ranging from 16 to 320 square feet, climate-controlled options, 24/7 access, CCTV surveillance, and packing materials. However, like any storage provider, Stansted Storage has its advantages and disadvantages, which depend on the customers’ needs, preferences, and experiences. Here are some of the good and bad points of using Stansted Storage.

Good points:

1. Convenient location: Stansted Storage is situated close to the M11 motorway and the airport, which can be beneficial for customers who live or work in the region or need to access their belongings frequently. The facility offers ample parking space, loading bays, and trolleys to facilitate the entry and exit of vehicles and goods.

2. Flexible contracts: Stansted Storage offers short-term and long-term contracts, with no minimum rental period or hidden charges. This allows customers to adjust their storage needs according to their changing circumstances, such as moving house, renovating, decluttering, or traveling. The company also provides discounts for pre-payment, referrals, and bulk purchases.

3. Range of unit sizes: Stansted Storage has a wide range of unit sizes available, from 16 to 320 square feet, which can accommodate various types and quantities of items, from furniture and appliances to documents and sports equipment. This enables customers to choose the most suitable unit for their specific needs and budget, without wasting space or money.

4. Climate-controlled options: Stansted Storage offers climate-controlled units that can regulate the temperature and humidity levels, which can be beneficial for sensitive items, such as antiques, artwork, electronics, or textiles. This can prevent damage, decay, or mold caused by extreme weather conditions or fluctuations.

5. Secure facilities: Stansted Storage has a high level of security measures in place, including CCTV surveillance, motion sensors, alarms, and gate entry with individual codes. This can deter theft, vandalism, or unauthorized access, as well as provide peace of mind to customers who store valuable or sentimental belongings.

Bad points:

1. Limited amenities: Stansted Storage has limited on-site amenities, such as restrooms, vending machines, or Wi-Fi, which can be inconvenient for customers who need to spend extended periods of time at the facility or require additional services. However, the company can offer referrals for nearby facilities that may offer these features.

2. No insurance included: Stansted Storage does not provide insurance for the customers’ belongings, which means that the customers need to obtain their own coverage or accept the risk of loss or damage. This can add extra costs or stress to some customers, especially if they store high-value or irreplaceable items.

3. Poor customer service: Some customers have reported poor experiences with the customer service of Stansted Storage, such as unresponsiveness, unclear communication, or lack of empathy. This can create frustration or mistrust, especially if the customers encounter issues or questions related to their storage units or contracts.

4. Limited accessibility: Although Stansted Storage offers 24/7 access to the units, some customers have complained about limited accessibility due to the narrow corridors, steep stairs, or inadequate lighting. This can make it difficult or unsafe for some customers to enter or maneuver their belongings, especially if they have mobility or vision impairments.

5. Price competitiveness: Stansted Storage may not be the most price-competitive option in the region, as some customers have found cheaper or better-value alternatives, with similar or better features. However, the pricing may vary according to the unit size, location, season, and availability, and the customers can compare and negotiate the rates before signing up.


Stansted Storage can offer various benefits and drawbacks to customers who are looking for a self-storage solution in the area. While some customers can appreciate the convenient location, flexible contracts, range of unit sizes, climate-controlled options, and secure facilities, others may find the limited amenities, lack of insurance, poor customer service, limited accessibility, or price competitiveness as disadvantages. Therefore, it is advisable for potential customers to evaluate these factors based on their priorities, preferences, and budgets, and to compare and contrast different storage providers before making a decision.


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