Ease the Squeeze – Dagenham


Jason Winyard,
Unit 6
Thames Gateway Park


020 8596 7120


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Ease the Squeeze is an innovative housing project in Dagenham, East London. The project is a joint venture between Be First, Barking and Dagenham’s regeneration company, and U+I, a London-based property developer. The project aims to provide affordable and sustainable housing solutions to Londoners, particularly first-time buyers and families with low to medium incomes.

One of the primary goals of Ease the Squeeze is to challenge the traditional idea of the family home. The project offers a range of affordable housing options, including one and two-bedroom apartments, three-bedroom houses, and innovative co-living spaces. The co-living spaces are designed to house young professionals and couples who are looking for a communal living experience while still enjoying the privacy of their own bedroom and bathroom.

Ease the Squeeze is also focused on sustainability, with the majority of the homes designed to meet or exceed the highest environmental standards. The development features a range of energy-efficient technologies, including solar panels, LED lighting, and mechanical ventilation systems.

The project also places a strong emphasis on community-building. The development features shared spaces, including a community garden and a co-working space, where residents can come together and connect with their neighbors.

Overall, Ease the Squeeze is a groundbreaking housing project that offers innovative and sustainable housing solutions to address the growing housing crisis in London. By creating affordable and communal living spaces, the project is helping to rebuild a sense of community and belonging in Dagenham, while also offering a model that could be replicated in other parts of the city.

Good and bad things

Good Points:

1. The Ease the Squeeze initiative in Dagenham is aimed at reducing overcrowding on public transport and improving transport infrastructure in the area.
2. The initiative includes the introduction of new bus routes and the enhancement of existing routes, aimed at providing better access to local amenities and reducing congestion on the roads.
3. The project will also deliver upgrades to cycling and walking trails, which will provide a safer and healthier alternative to driving.
4. The introduction of new transport links and the improvement of existing transport infrastructure will boost the local economy by providing better access to employment opportunities and improving connectivity to key business destinations.
5. The initiative is backed by the local council and Transport for London, ensuring long-term sustainability and commitment to the project.

Bad Points:

1. The implementation of the initiative may cause temporary disruption and inconvenience to local residents and businesses, particularly during construction and roadworks.
2. The cost of the project may be significant, requiring substantial investment from local authorities and Transport for London.
3. The effectiveness of the initiative may be limited if demand for public transport remains unchanged, or if the improved transport infrastructure attracts more traffic to the area.
4. The new bus routes may cause additional traffic congestion if they are not integrated effectively with existing transport routes and traffic management measures.
5. The effectiveness of the initiative may be impacted by external factors such as changes in fuel prices, technological advancements in transport, and shifting social trends towards alternative modes of transport.


  1. Angela says:

    What is the price of 125 Sq ft storage for approx 8 weeks
    Also 150 Sq ft for approx 8 weeks

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