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Bonnington Store
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Storedge, a self-storage facility, is located in Newbridge, a town in County Kildare, Ireland. This state-of-the-art facility is designed to cater to the growing demand for secure and convenient storage options in the area.

Storedge offers a range of storage solutions to both residential and commercial customers. Whether it’s storing household items during a move, de-cluttering the home or office, or keeping business inventory safe, Storedge has a solution for every need. The facility offers units ranging in size from 10 sq. ft. to 500 sq. ft. This allows customers to choose a size that suits their requirements, without having to pay for space they don’t need.

The facility is equipped with a range of features to ensure the safety and security of stored items. These include 24-hour CCTV surveillance, electronic access control systems, and fire and burglar alarms. Additionally, each unit is individually alarmed, ensuring that only the customer has access to their belongings.

Storedge also offers a range of additional services, including packing supplies, removal and transportation services, and insurance for stored items. The facility has a team of experienced professionals who can assist customers in choosing the right unit, packing their items securely, and transporting them to the facility.

Overall, Storedge offers a safe, convenient, and affordable storage solution in Newbridge. With its state-of-the-art features and professional service, it has quickly become a popular choice among individuals and businesses in the area.

Good and bad things

Good points:

1. Convenient location: The Storedge facility in Newbridge is conveniently located near major highways, allowing for easy access to the facility.

2. State-of-the-art security: The facility is equipped with a top-of-the-line security system, including video surveillance, electronic gate access, and onsite management.

3. Climate-controlled storage: For customers who need to store sensitive items, Storedge offers climate-controlled storage units to ensure that temperatures and humidity levels are stable.

4. Flexible leasing options: Storedge offers a variety of leasing options, including short-term and long-term leases to accommodate different customers’ needs.

5. Competitive pricing: The facility provides competitive pricing for its storage units, making it an affordable option for those who need extra storage space.

Bad points:

1. Limited availability: Due to its popularity and high demand, the facility may have limited availability on certain unit sizes, especially during peak seasons.

2. No 24-hour access: Unlike some other storage facilities, Storedge does not offer 24-hour access to its units.

3. No on-site packing materials: Storedge does not sell packing supplies like cardboard boxes, tape, and bubble wrap, meaning that customers need to purchase these items elsewhere.

4. Limited parking: The facility has limited parking space, which may make it challenging for customers to load and unload items from their storage units.

5. Restrictions on stored items: Storedge has restrictions on the types of items that can be stored, such as flammable materials, explosives, and illegal substances.


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