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Jettymarsh Storage is a top-tier, self-storage facility located in the beautiful coastal city of Plymouth, United Kingdom. The brand is recognized for providing exceptional customer service and unparalleled convenience for people looking for secure, accessible, and affordable storage options.

Situated in the Faraday Mill Business Park, Jettymarsh Storage offers a range of storage units tailored to meet different needs, including personal storage, business storage, and vehicle storage. Customers have access to units in various sizes, ranging from smaller lockers to larger units that could fit the content of an entire house, a large business inventory, or a fleet of vehicles.

One exciting feature of Jettymarsh Storage is the convenient drive-up access which allows customers to park right next to their storage units, unload their items and load them conveniently. The facility is well-lit, secure, and monitored using CCTV cameras to ensure that all stored items are safe and secure. 24-hour access is available on request, which is incredibly convenient for people looking to visit their units outside of regular business hours.

As a brand that places a premium on customer satisfaction and convenience, Jettymarsh Storage has an easy-to-use online system that allows customers to reserve units, pay bills or manage their accounts conveniently. Payment plans are flexible, and the team is always on standby to answer any queries or provide guidance on the best storage options for new customers.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a top-tier self-storage facility in Plymouth, UK, Jettymarsh Storage is the perfect choice. With excellent customer service, convenient access, and a range of unit sizes tailored to meet your specific storage needs, you need not look any further than Jettymarsh Storage.

Good and bad things

Good points:

1. Jettymarsh Storage in Plymouth offers a wide range of storage options to suit different needs and budgets.

2. The facility is clean, secure, and well-maintained.

3. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and always willing to help.

4. Customers can access their units 24/7, which is a convenient feature for those who require frequent access.

5. The location is convenient and easily accessible, making it an ideal choice for those living or working in Plymouth.

6. The pricing is competitive, making it a cost-effective storage solution.

7. Jettymarsh Storage offers flexible lease terms, allowing customers to rent units for as long or as short a time as needed.

Bad points:

1. Some customers have reported issues with moisture or mildew in their units, which can damage stored items.

2. The facility may be prone to pests, which can be a concern for those storing items that attract insects or rodents.

3. The facility does not offer climate-controlled units, which may be a disadvantage for those storing sensitive or valuable items that require a specific temperature or humidity level.

4. The parking lot can be crowded at times, and visitors may have difficulty finding a space near their unit.

5. The facility may not have adequate security measures in place to prevent break-ins or theft.

6. During peak seasons, the facility may be more crowded, which can cause delays in accessing units or receiving assistance from staff.


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