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S41 9AT

S41 9AT

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Self Storage Yard LTD is a leading provider of storage solutions in Chesterfield. With a wide range of flexible storage options, their aim is to provide customers with a reliable and affordable service that meets their unique needs.

Located in a convenient and secure location, Self Storage Yard LTD offers a variety of storage units for domestic and commercial customers. The company understands that each customer has their own individual requirements, which is why they offer a range of unit sizes to suit all needs, from small lockers to large warehouse space.

Their storage units are insulated, dry and designed to protect customer belongings from damage caused by damp, humidity and temperature fluctuations. They also have 24-hour CCTV footage, a sophisticated alarm system and top-level security gates that ensure maximum safety for customers and their valuables.

Apart from its impressive storage facilities, Self Storage Yard LTD is known for its excellent customer service. The staff is experienced and knowledgeable, ready to assist customers with any queries or concerns they may have, and to guide them through the storage process.

Whether customers are decluttering their home or business, moving house, or need extra space for their inventory, Self Storage Yard LTD has a solution for all storage needs. Their flexible contracts allow customers to rent storage for as short or long as they need, with no hidden fees or charges.

In conclusion, Self Storage Yard LTD in Chesterfield provides excellent storage solutions for both individuals and businesses. Their state-of-the-art facilities, alongside their team of experienced staff, make it an ideal choice for all storage requirements.

Good and bad things

Good Points:
1) Self Storage Yard LTD – Chesterfield provides great storage spaces for businesses and homeowners in the area.
2) The company offers a variety of unit sizes, ranging from small to large, to accommodate different storage needs.
3) The company provides 24-hour surveillance cameras and a gated entrance, providing a secure environment for your valuables.
4) There is easy access to the storage units via vehicle, allowing for convenient loading and unloading of your belongings.
5) The price is competitive, and you only pay for the space you need.

Bad Points:
1) The company might be located far from some residents, which could make it inconvenient.
2) The company only provides storage, and customers cannot participate in other services such as shipping or packaging of their items.
3) There are not open seven days a week, as they close on Sundays, which can be an issue for customers who only have free time on weekends.
4) Customers have to pay an extra fee to access their storage units outside of the company’s regular hours of operation.
5) There’s no option for climate-controlled storage units.


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