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Walton Self Store is a well-known self-storage facility located in Wisbech, a market town in the Fenland District of Cambridgeshire, England. Situated just off the A47, the storage facility is easily accessible from major road networks, making it an ideal option for businesses and individuals looking for secure storage solutions.

The facility boasts a wide range of storage options ranging from small lockers to large warehouses. The units are clean, dry, and well-maintained to ensure that your belongings are protected from adverse weather conditions and theft. The 24-hour CCTV surveillance, state-of-the-art burglar alarm system, and secure perimeter fencing provide additional security to your items, giving you peace of mind.

The storage units are available on a flexible rental agreement that allows you to choose the duration of your rent. Whether you need to store your items for a few days, months, or even years, you can be sure to find a unit that suits your needs and budget. The prices are competitive and transparent, with no hidden charges or fees.

Apart from the storage units, Walton Self Store also offers other services such as business storage, document storage, and archive storage. These services are essential for companies looking for a place to store their files, equipment, and assets safely. The facility also provides packing materials, transportation, and removal services to make the storage process more convenient for customers.

In addition to the excellent storage services, Walton Self Store is renowned for its friendly and professional staff. The team is knowledgeable, responsive, and always ready to respond to your queries and concerns. The customer service is exemplary, and the staff will go above and beyond to ensure that your storage needs are met.

In conclusion, Walton Self Store is the go-to storage facility in Wisbech, offering reliable and affordable storage solutions to businesses and individuals. Whether you need to store your household items, business equipment, or documents, you can be sure to find a suitable storage unit that meets your needs. With top-notch security, flexible rental agreements, and fantastic customer service, Walton Self Store is the epitome of quality storage solutions.

Good and bad things

Good points:

1. Convenient location – Walton Self Store is located in Wisbech, which provides easy access to surrounding areas.

2. Wide range of storage options – The company offers a variety of storage units ranging in size from small to large, allowing customers to choose the space that best suits their needs.

3. 24/7 access – Customers can access their storage units 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

4. High-quality security features – Walton Self Store has state-of-the-art security features, including CCTV monitoring, alarms, and secure entry systems, which ensure the protection of customers’ belongings.

5. Professional customer service – The company has a team of professional and knowledgeable staff who are always ready to help customers with their needs.

6. Affordable prices – The prices for storage units are competitive, and customers can choose from different payment plans to suit their budgets.

Bad points:

1. Limited availability – Walton Self Store may not always have available storage units for new customers due to high demand.

2. No climate-controlled units – The company does not offer climate-controlled storage units, which may be a concern for customers who need to store delicate items.

3. Limited parking space – The parking area can be limited, causing inconvenience for customers who need to load and unload their items.

4. Limited access during office hours – Customers may not be able to access their units during office hours, which may not suit everyone’s schedule.

5. Strict policies – Walton Self Store has strict policies regarding access to the units, which may not please customers who prefer more flexible arrangements.


  1. Declon Smee says:

    I needed a storage unit indefinitely, and used Walton Self Store. I have found the service and security excellent, easy to access, very competetive prices and indoors too.I would recommend them to anyone.

  2. Susan Jones says:

    We are at present renting 2 large units to store our stuff whilst we build a house. All I can say is thank goodness we found Walton Self Store!. It is clean, dry and safe. We can sort and unload by driving the van inside in all weathers.
    Paul (or his son) is accessible at all times and we feel there is a very personal touch to the service. Thank you.

  3. Elaine Murphy says:

    Having recently used Walton Self Storage I can wholeheartedly recommend the friendly and helpful service. It was easy to access whist being very secure .

  4. Jen W- Walpole Cross Keys, King’s Lynn says:

    We recently rented a container from Walton Self Store and we’ve been very impressed. We needed to store the complete contents of our 2 bedroom flat when relocating to the area, and the container fitted it all in, plus plenty of room to spare. The container itself would be practically impossible to break into, and then it’s in a locked warehouse, and then behind spiked fences with monitored CCTV- your things will be nice and safe here!! Paul and his son are friendly, laid back and really helpful. Why go to a large ‘chain-store’ storage place (as we’ve done in the past) when you can rent a massive space for well under half the price! Would definitely recommend.

  5. Priestley Removals Ltd says:

    As a professional local removal company we aim to provide the highest standards to our clients, including any storage facility they require. Walton Self Store meets all of our criteria for security, access and most importantly the quality of the storage environment itself. The whole operation is well managed and we have no hesitation in recommending it to our clients and indeed to the world at large

  6. Martyn Robinson says:

    I have had a storage unit for some time now and have had no problems, the security is excellent. With the storage units under cover it makes it very good for loading and unloading in the bad weather as everything is in the dry. Also there is vehicle access right up to unit so easy for unloading. Owners always very helpfull especially if you have any problems and as good a price as any other self storage unit so why go into a container in the open when you can be cover?

  7. Chris Durkin says:

    Walton Self Store has been fantastic. Ideal location for me and they have been very accomodating in storing my car for me. Paul has been great and I couldn’t be happier. All at a reasonable price. Can’t ask for more!

  8. Sharon Mead says:

    I have had a storage unit for about a year and have had no problems, great security and unit under cover, access to unit right up to unit so easy for unloading. Owners always very helpfull and great prices

  9. Ronnie MacLeod says:

    Excellent facility with great service at competitive rates. Been using this for a long term need (over a year now) with no problems.

  10. Jon from Long Sutton says:

    Walton self store is great value for money, I find Them very friendly and helpful and because all the storage containers are inside it makes for easy unloading no mater what the weather.
    I would recomend them to anyone seeking storage.

  11. Stephen Luff, Luff2moveu. says:

    Safe,secure,clean indoor storage at outdoor rates.Easy access for my 7.5 ton removal lorry. Everything planned out and thought about right down to the provision of toilet facilities and drinks machine.Highly recommended.

  12. Paul says:

    I am at Walton Self Store every day, you can drive direct to your unit, you always unload under cover in the dry, at night the lights come on with sensors as you drive in so you can see as well as in the day time. A high security self storage site at very reasonable prices.

  13. Emma Tyers says:

    Ive recently rented a unit off walton self store for storing personal goods and are very happy with the quality of facilities, high security,easy access and very competitive prices. Highly recommend!

  14. David Patrick (Martin Works) says:

    Martin Works designed and fabricated the locks on the doors to the buildings at Walton Self Store, we are also responsible for maintainance and are available for 24hr call out should there be any problems with any of the security devices. Walton Self Store places security before anything else, we would reccomend Walton Self Store as a place to store your belongings.

  15. Sue Walding Link Direct says:

    I needed a safe,dry, secure place for the distribtors of the local phone book to collect their books from. Many storage places are unable to do this due to the high volume of “traffic” Walton storage fitted the bill as they were able to allow the distributors access to the site when they needed to collect, and although they had to pass security there were none of the problems I often encounter.

  16. Zane says:

    i have a unit at walton self store and find very good that it is indoors and its very easy to use as we can back right up to any unit the security is very high and the price’s are the same as out door so thanks to walton self store for not having to load and unload in the rain.

  17. Allan Halfpenny says:

    I am the Senior Partner at Realtime Business Services and my company supplied the computers, broadband and security cameras for Walton Self Storage. We also maintain and host their websites. We regularly visit the site and are very impressed with the security and access controls yet ease of access to the storage units once past security. Access is constantly monitored both inside and outside of the building 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I would happily travel from our headquarters in Pinchbeck to store my companies valuables at Walton Self Store.

  18. Laura Hucker says:

    S Jones Container Services Ltd supply secure ex-shipping containers to Walton Self Store for high security self storage. All of the containers supplied by S Jones to Walton Self Store are wind and water tight good quality units, they are also fitted with the S Jones patented ‘Contain-A-Lock®’ locking system providing the best security for the items Walton Self Store customers have in storage. Walton Self Store go the extra mile with the containers they purchase from S Jones, they have them all re-painted which provides an array of benefits for the lifelong quality of the storage container, they also purchase many different container sizes to ensure that their customer has the product they need . You can click here to see a video clip of ‘Contain-A-Lock’ in action or visit S Jones Container Services Online to find out more about the solutions they offer to companies like Walton Self Store and their customers.

  19. Sue of Hunstanton says:

    This storage unit is perfect. We are storing a small amount of furniture and the rates are very reasonable. The owners are most helpful and any problems are speedily resolved. We are very happy with our decision to store at Walton Self Store.

  20. Neil Richardson says:

    We rent a small area of Walton Self Store for storage, we see the removal lorry’s come & they can drive inside the warehouse direct to the storage units, under cover in the dry & when the dark winter nights come this will be even better because the buildings are all brightly lit. Why would you put your belongings in containers outside when for the same money you can be, indoors, secure & dry.

  21. Neil Adam says:

    I regularly use Walton Self Store for storage, the access is very good, sometimes I need to get in out of hours & all it takes is a phone call to get access. The security is very high & I know my belongings are safe. If like me you want Walton Self Store for business use, you will find the costs are very good for long term use. You will not find better storage in the area than this.

  22. Dan Wales says:

    We `Mark 1 Fencing’ errected the palisade security fencing at Walton Self Store & marked out the parking & loading bays. The self storage facilities are superb, all the units are indoors & the site looks very secure. We would certainly put our belongings there.

  23. Robin Gittins says:

    I had a unit for a while at Walton Self Store to store furniture, being the only indoor self storage centre in & around Wisbech it was the only place suitable. The facilities are exactly as described on the website, the security is first class, access with your vehicle direct to your unit & the prices lower than most outdoor storage centres. I would reccomend Walton Self Store to anyone !

  24. Laura Joan says:

    I have a unit at Walton Self Store, there is very high security and the prices are the same as or lower than outdoor storage.

  25. barbara brearley says:

    i need a small storage unit. i have a small amount of furniture i need to store for approx six weeks starting mid july.thank you


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