SJH Property (MK) Ltd – Buckingham


West Well Farm
Barton Road

MK18 4BD

07790 978 456


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SJH Property (MK) Ltd is a property management company that has been operating in Buckingham for several years. The company provides property management services to both residential and commercial properties in the area. SJH Property (MK) Ltd has a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing excellent customer service to clients.

The services offered by SJH Property (MK) Ltd include property maintenance, rent collection, tenant screening, and lease management. The company works with property owners to ensure that their properties are always in top condition and that rent is collected on time. SJH Property (MK) Ltd also helps property owners in the area by providing advice on market trends and rental rates.

The company has a website where clients can access information about their properties, including rent and maintenance reports. Clients can also request property maintenance services directly through the website. SJH Property (MK) Ltd has invested in the latest property management software, which ensures that all client information is secure and up to date.

SJH Property (MK) Ltd has earned a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy property management company in Buckingham. The company has a commitment to providing exceptional service and developing long-term relationships with its clients. The team at SJH Property (MK) Ltd is knowledgeable about the local real estate market, and they work hard to keep up with changes and trends.

In conclusion, SJH Property (MK) Ltd is a reputable and reliable property management company in Buckingham. The company offers a range of services designed to help property owners maintain and manage their properties effectively. With a commitment to customer service and a team of experienced professionals, SJH Property (MK) Ltd is the ideal choice for property owners in Buckingham.

Good and bad things

Good Points:

1. SJH Property (MK) Ltd is a well-established company in Buckingham that has been operating for over a decade.

2. The company provides a wide range of property services including sales, letting, property management, maintenance, and development.

3. The team at SJH Property (MK) Ltd is highly experienced, professional and knowledgeable in their field.

4. The company is very customer-focused, and they always strive to provide the best possible service to their clients.

5. They have a wide network of contacts in the property industry, which helps them to offer competitive prices to their clients.

6. SJH Property (MK) Ltd has a strong online presence, which makes it easy for customers to find them and access their services.

7. The company’s website is user-friendly and informative, providing valuable information about the services they offer.

8. SJH Property (MK) Ltd has received many positive reviews from their customers, which is a testament to their excellent service.

Bad Points:

1. SJH Property (MK) Ltd is only based in Buckingham, so they may not be able to provide services to customers located in other areas.

2. The company’s services may be more expensive than some of their competitors.

3. They do not offer a 24/7 customer support service, which may be an issue for some customers.

4. SJH Property (MK) Ltd does not have any specific environmental policies or initiatives in place, which could be a concern for environmentally-conscious customers.

5. The company does not have any accreditation from professional bodies in the property industry.


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