Safehouse Self-Storage Ltd – London


555 White Hart Lane

N17 7RN

08005 975 000


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Safehouse Self-Storage Ltd is a top-notch self-storage service provider in London, with several locations across the city. The company offers exceptional storage solutions for businesses and individuals looking to store their valuable items, artefacts, or equipment.

With Safehouse Self-Storage Ltd, clients can rent storage units for any period and size they require. The company provides a wide array of unit sizes to fit several storage needs. From small sizes of 10 sq ft to expandable 500 sq ft spaces, the company caters to all the storage needs of its clients.

Safehouse Self-Storage Ltd prioritises security and safety for all its customers, and its facilities are equipped with cutting-edge security features. Security cameras, burglar alarms, on-site security personnel, and access cards ensure the safety of your stored items.

In addition to providing safe and secure storage units, Safehouse Self-Storage Ltd also offers convenient storage solutions. Customers enjoy access to units 7-days a week, with the option of flexible terms ranging from monthly to yearly rental rates.

The company also provides packing materials and accessories to help clients protect and secure their stored items. Clients can purchase packing materials like bubble wrap, tape, and boxes at competitive prices.

Whether you need temporary storage for your business or long-term storage for personal items, Safehouse Self-Storage Ltd provides flexible and affordable solutions tailored to your needs. With locations all over London, the company provides an array of storage options for people looking for a convenient and secure storage solution.

Good and bad things

Good points:
1. Safehouse Self-Storage Ltd is located in a convenient location in London, making it easily accessible for customers.
2. They offer a wide range of storage unit sizes, allowing for flexibility to meet the varying needs of their customers.
3. The facility is equipped with modern security measures, including CCTV cameras, electronic gates and alarms, ensuring the safety of customer belongings.
4. Safehouse Self-Storage Ltd offer flexible rental terms, allowing customers to rent storage units for as long or as short a time period as they need.
5. Their online booking system makes it easy for customers to reserve and pay for their storage unit from the comfort of their homes.

Bad points:
1. Some customers have complained about the cleanliness of the facility.
2. Parking can be limited, making it difficult to unload or collect items.
3. Safehouse Self-Storage Ltd charges a one-time administration fee, which some customers find unnecessary.
4. Some customers have experienced difficulties with accessing their units due to technical issues with the electronic gates.
5. The pricing is relatively high compared to some other storage facilities in the area.


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