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The Overs of Camberley-Farnborough is a term used to describe the area of land, spanning across the towns of Camberley and Farnborough in Surrey, England, which was once part of the Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE) Farnborough.

The term ‘Overs’ refers to the fact that the land was located on the other side of the railway line that runs through the towns. The Overs was used by the RAE for various purposes over the years, including testing military aircraft and missiles.

In the 1980s, the RAE started to scale back its operations, and the land was gradually released for other uses. Today, much of the Overs has been developed for residential and commercial purposes, including housing estates, business parks, and retail centres.

One of the most notable developments on the Overs is the Kings International College in Camberley, which was built on the former site of the RAE’s wind tunnel testing buildings. The college is now a leading school in the area, with a range of excellent facilities for its students.

Another key development on the Overs is the Watchmoor Park Business Centre in Farnborough. This modern business park provides office space for a range of firms, from small start-ups to large multinational companies.

Overall, the Overs of Camberley-Farnborough has seen significant changes over the years, as the land has been repurposed and developed for new uses. Nonetheless, the area remains an important part of the towns’ history, providing a reminder of the role that the RAE played in shaping the region’s economy and society.

Good and bad things

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The Overs of Camberley-Farnborough is an area located between two towns in Surrey, England. Here are some good and bad points related to this area:

Good points:

1. Central location – The Overs of Camberley-Farnborough is situated at a convenient location that provides easy access to both of the towns.

2. Good transportation – It has excellent public transportation, including trains and buses, which means you can easily travel to other places in the area.

3. A range of housing options – The area offers a variety of affordable and premium housing options, such as apartments, flats, and large family homes.

4. Recreational facilities – The Overs of Camberley-Farnborough provides lots of opportunities for leisure and recreation, with green spaces and parks suitable for walking, playing and relaxing.

5. Educational opportunities – There are many excellent schools and colleges available that provide education from primary school to the university in this area.

Bad points:

1. Traffic congestion – The area can experience heavy traffic during peak hours, leading to long waiting times and delays.

2. Limited car parking – Car parking availability in the area is restricted and can be challenging.

3. Unemployment – Unemployment rates in the area can be higher than in other areas, making job-seeking a challenge.

4. Noise pollution – Living near busy roads and highways can cause noise pollution, which could be a significant problem for residents.

5. Crime rates – The crime rates in the Overs of Camberley-Farnborough can be high compared to other areas, which could affect the residents living in this area.

Overall, the Overs of Camberley-Farnborough is a location with a range of options for people willing to live at a central location while having access to all necessary amenities around the area. However, certain disadvantages come with living in this area, which must be taken into account while selecting a living space in this area.


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